4 Ways The Healthcare System Would Be Incomplete Without Nurses

It is undeniable that nurses play a critical role in the healthcare industry. More often, they aren’t as appreciated and celebrated as doctors, but they are the ones who stay with patients and treat them day and night. They are the unsung heroes who nurture patients back to health by being their primary caretaker, confidant, and healer.

The healthcare system is incomplete without nurses and cannot function without them. The entire healthcare system can crumble within days without the services and duties of nurses. Today’s nurses perform interrelated roles that vary from a caregiver, counselor to clinical advocate and a leader.


Why Nurses Are Important For The Healthcare System

Nursing is a profession that includes the promotion of prevention of illness, care of disabled and the ill, and their overall health. They are collaborative and autonomous caregivers of individuals of all families, ages, communities, and groups. There is no doubt about the fact that professionals who encompass the care of individuals with the inclusion of research and advocacy are the backbone of the healthcare system.

Nursing is an evolving profession that is in high demand because nurses are the bridge between patients and the healthcare system. Without their communication, knowledge, and practice, patients might not be able to experience the best outcomes.


Healthcare System


One of the key roles nurses play in a healthcare setting is assisting the doctors in critical procedures and patient care. Nurses with higher education and experience can also assess the doctor’s treatment and provide their input. Therefore, nurses are suggested to pursue higher education throughout their careers, even if it is in a non-traditional way.

For instance, many nurses with hefty schedules can go for DNP programs online to continue their education while handling their profession. If you’re looking to expand your horizons there are other options like a quick search for travel nurse jobs in California if you like traveling. It is in the best interest of the healthcare industry that nurses attain the highest-level study, research, and practice. Following are a few important roles nurses play without which the healthcare system would be incomplete:

  • Critical Thinkers

Nurses are more than just primary caregivers. They are both ethical decision-makers and critical thinkers, without which it would be almost impossible for healthcare facilities to function. Nurses use their critical thinking skills to make decisions that are in the patient’s best interest and provide effective care. They safeguard healthcare ethics and also collaborate with other healthcare professionals to make the right call.

Critical thinking skills help nurses solve problems by evaluating different situations before taking action and adjusting their decisions when it comes to patient care. This is in fact is one of the ICU nursing must-haves as their daily responsibilities include providing care for patients in critical conditions. Making quick decisions is an inseparable part of their responsibilities as the patient’s health can change quickly.

  • Patient Advocate And Case Manager

A doctor will not always have the time to ask patients for minute details and information. However, without the details, the system cannot provide the best possible treatment to patients. This is where nurses protect their patients from mistreatment and adverse effects by collecting information about the patient’s medical history.

A nurse will ask the patient about their allergies, concerns regarding the treatment, feedback on the doctor’s methods, and much more. Nurses protect the legal rights of their patients and aid in presenting their cases. No healthcare system in both a public and private hospital can work without nurses because they are the support system that every patient needs to recover.


Healthcare System


  • Patient Educators

One of the key roles nurses play in keeping the healthcare system functioning properly is to educate the patients and their families. Misinformation or lack of information can go a long way and yield negative outcomes, especially for the patient. Since doctors aren’t always readily available to cater to the patient’s queries, this is where nurses step in to educate patients and their caretakers about their treatment and condition while explaining every single detail related to their stay.

Nurses can also provide patients with advice on how to make a better choice for a healthier lifestyle and how to take care of themselves in the future. Without this sort of communication, healthcare systems would be overburdened and affect patient information authenticity. It is a nurse’s job to ensure that the patient knows where to find additional information and how they can control their treatment.

  • Wellness Strategists

To not overwhelm the healthcare system, the general public must learn to prioritize wellness. Nurses are commendable catalysts in this regard as they promote wellness strategies to make communities healthier. Public-health nurses particularly play an effective role in helping the community understand preventive health measures and community wellness.

In the current pandemic, the role of nurses in educating the community has been monumental. They influence healthy lifestyle choices and take part in campaigns for disease prevention. They may also become counsellors to patients and give them positive suggestions along with how they can spread these suggestions to others.

Nurses today play numerous roles in ensuring the proper functioning of the healthcare industry. They are the backbone of medical facilities and supporters of patients. They lend an empathetic ear to the patients, support their families, and provide much-needed assistance to doctors. Therefore, it is safe to say that the healthcare industry cannot function without the nursing profession. For other options, they also should opt to find the right and reliable travel nursing agency.

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