4 Ways to Know It Is Time to Get a New Heating System

Home improvement projects such as building a screened-in porch or painting a child’s room are often fun to complete. However, replacing appliances, heating or air conditioning units, or roofing is often a frustrating process for a homeowner.

Unfortunately, these fixes are absolutely critical if you want to keep your home in top condition. Thankfully, there are many trustworthy experts that range in availability and affordability and can help with your home projects. In this article, we will share the four ways to know that it is time to get a new heating system.


Your Unit Is Making Odd Sounds

Strange sounds are often an indication that something is seriously wrong with your heating system. Squeaking, squealing, squeaky bangs, metallic banging noises, or rattling sounds may indicate serious safety concerns.

When you hear these noises it is best to schedule an appointment with a trustworthy contractor, such as 888 Heating, as soon as possible. Not only will this malfunction cause safety concerns, it can cause your monthly bill to skyrocket.

A Strange Smell Is Coming From Your Unit

If you notice that your heating unit smells of gas, oil, burning dust, or some other unusual material, it could mean a few different things. Oftentimes this is a sign that there is a leak within the heating system.

Another explanation would be that there is a dust buildup within the heating system that is causing fan blades not to turn properly. In addition, this buildup can create friction which causes heat to emit from fan blades with a foul scent. This is not only unappealing, it is dangerous.

You Keep Getting Maintenance Done On your Unit

All heating or air conditioning systems have lifespans, no matter how high quality they seem. Basic heating units function well for about 15 years while complex heating units can last upwards of 25 years. However, this is only an average timeframe. More often than not, heating systems are replaced before their predicted expiration due to regular maintenance visits.

For instance, if you have had to call your contractor four times in a single season, your system is not running efficiently. If something new breaks every other month, it is time to get your unit replaced.

Your Monthly Bill Keeps Climbing

If you are noticing that your heating bill is constantly increasing every month, this could be caused by a few different things. However, if the increase in cost per season is dramatic, then there is likely something wrong with your heating system.

For example, if you notice that your heating system takes extra time to power on and is constantly cycling, your energy bills will likely rise, especially in freezing cold temperatures.


Having a functioning heating arrangement is critical in many parts of the world. Rather than waiting for your unit to totally shut down, make an effort to understand if your system is functioning efficiently.

If your system is not functioning efficiently, there will be many telltale signs such as weird noises, sounds, and less than ideal temperatures in the home. By taking the time to investigate the issues in your unit, you can save money on heating bills in the future.

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