5 Additions to Consider For Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens create comfort. More than one-third of Americans cook at home every day. They spend hours in their kitchen creating meals that sustain them and calm them down. When you are planning renovations, you should consider a modern kitchen remodel. Many people think that one involves putting an island in the middle of their floor.

An island can be really helpful. But what can bring your kitchen to the next level is additions.

What are the best ones? Here are five you can consider.


1. Appliances

You may be inclined to put appliances at the bottom of your modern kitchen remodel checklist. But they can go a long way toward modernizing your kitchen. At a minimum, you should buy energy-efficient products. Start with products that have Energy Star certification.

To get truly futuristic, you can find finger-touch appliances. You can open your oven or refrigerator by tapping on sensors. Some appliances synchronize with Bluetooth, so you can set them to a common timer.


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2. Cabinets

Cabinets are another overlooked yet essential addition. Leave plenty of space in your kitchen remodeling plan for new ones. Many modern kitchens mix and match different materials together. You can pair a wooden cabinet with a sleek plastic one.

At the very least, replace the cabinets you have. Adjust their hinges so they provide plenty of space when they open. Install sturdier shelves that will hold heavy bowls and pans.

3. Countertops

Countertops sit at the center of the kitchen renovation. As for the surfaces for cooking and prep work, you need to make sure they are in mint condition. Many modern kitchens have quartz or granite countertops. You may also find marble ones, especially in more expensive houses. If you have extra money, you can buy a polished finish to go over the surface of your cabinet.

Talk to a kitchen remodel service about what counters would work best for you. Visit a website like lewisremodeling.com and get some information on ideal ones.


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4. Flooring

Smooth and level floors are important for safety. Hardwood remains the go-to material for flooring. Some new homes have solid timber, so look into that.

You can also get engineered flooring. Engineered flooring is planks that have a layer of hardwood over top, but they have other layers underneath. This is good for homes in areas with changing temperatures that can cause wood to expand and contract.

5. Lighting

Modern kitchens combine three layers of lighting. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination in a room. You can place track lights or install recessed bulbs into your ceiling.

Task lighting helps with specific tasks. Place pendant lights over your countertops for this.

Accent lighting draws attention to specific objects. You can place sconces on the walls, or you can hang an elaborate chandelier over your kitchen table.


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The Best Additions for Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

A modern kitchen remodel can increase your quality of life. One factor that will make things better is additions.

Buy energy-efficient appliances, including ones with finger-touch technology. Install cabinets with new materials that you mix and match.

Hire someone to put in quartz, granite, or marble countertops. Get strong flooring, especially in solid timber. Hang up three different kinds of lights throughout your kitchen.

Put heart into your home, and you will be truly comfortable. Follow our coverage for essential home improvement guides.

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