5 Benefits of Installing a Home Standby Generator

The average homeowner in America consumes almost 11,000kWh of electricity each year! It begs the question:

What on earth would we do if the power suddenly went out?

Whether it was due to a major storm, accidental damage, or planned maintenance work, having no access to electricity would have a huge impact on daily life. There’d be no internet, no way to charge your phone, no fridge, and so on!

Enter the role of a backup generator. Want to learn more about the incentives for having one? Read on to discover 5 compelling benefits of installing a home standby generator.


1. Ideal for Long-Term Power Shutdowns

Portable generators are great when you’re in a bind. Yet they have one major drawback: They aren’t designed to supply power for long.

The opposite’s true for home standby generators. Hard-wired to your property, they turn on automatically in the event of an outage and are purpose-built to keep your home running for extended time periods.

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2. Extensive Supply

Another drawback of everyday backup generators is the amount of power they provide. Although it’s better than nothing, you’ll never be able to run everything in your home at once from them.

In contrast, a whole-house generator (assuming it’s been properly sized) packs high wattage ranges. That means they can, in theory, power your entire home.

3. Safety Features

Typical generators rely on power cords and gasoline to operate. Not only that, but it’s also quite common for them to remain tucked away in a loft/garage for months on end without being used. As a result, the potential for safety issues is quite high.

This changes when you have a home standby generator put in by a generator installation expert. Hooked up to your property’s propane system, there’s a) no need to refuel and b) less risk of fire, electric shocks, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Peace of Mind

The fact that standby generators turn on automatically isn’t just beneficial from a practical perspective. It also means you can stop worrying! In the event of an outage, you know your critical systems (e.g. your refrigerator and HVAC unit) will still receive the electricity they need.

That’s good news if you’re out of the house, away on vacation, or mid-way through a vital piece of computer work! Everything will keep running as if nothing happened.

5. Financial Value

It goes without saying that there’s a sizeable upfront cost to installing a home standby generator. But don’t worry, it’s a definite investment.

Not only is it hard to put a price on continual power during an outage, but you may also boost the resale value of your home. After all, given the myriad advantages involved, standby generators are appealing additions to any property. Eager buyers will be willing to pay more for it as a result.

Remember the Benefits of Installing a Home Standby Generator

Having any form of backup power supply has its perks. Yet, as we’ve seen, not all generators are made equal! For self-sustaining homes that can survive a serious outage, it’s hard to beat a home standby generator.

We hope the insights in this article have highlighted why that’s the case! To read more blog posts on this topic and others like it, browse the “Interiors” section of our website now.

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