5 Clever Ways to Help You Reduce Clutter

Fed up with clutter in the home? Clutter will not only make your home look a mess, but it could also cause stress and anxiety. The home needs to be somewhere that you can relax and wind, which is why it is important to reduce clutter if your stuff is getting out of hand. So, what are a few clever ways to declutter your house? Keep reading for a few handy tips to organize your home.


1. Clear Each Room

First, you should declutter your home by going through each room in the house. Go through all of the items that you have and throw away, recycle, donate or sell the items that you do not need. It is very easy to accumulate possessions over time, especially when you have kids, but often these are items that you do not need forever.

Clearing each room can be therapeutic and help you to free up a lot of space. It is also a good feeling to sell, donate or recycle what you don’t need anymore!

2. Use the Walls

For the items that you do want to keep, you will want to find the best ways to store them in each room. Often, one of the best ways to reduce clutter while still making items easily accessible is to take advantage of vertical space. Floating shelves and bookcases can be perfect for storing items like books, records, photographs, magazines and anything else that can take up space.

3. Furniture With Built-In Storage

Another way to organize your house is to invest in furniture that has built-in storage. Coffee tables with sliding drawers, ottoman stools with storage and storage carts are just a few items that can help you to declutter your house and keep the items that you need nearby.

4. Give Items a Home

Clutter in the home often accumulates when items do not have a home. People will often empty their pockets when they arrive home, which means that you get wallets, purses and keys strewn all over the place. To prevent this, you should have a designated area for items like these that create clutter.

Catch-all trays by the front door are ideal for items that people keep on their person and will help to reduce clutter in other areas of the house. You should also have shoe shelves by the front door so that you do not end up with people’s shoes everywhere, which can create clutter while also being a trip hazard.

5. Loft Storage Solutions

The loft is the ideal storage place for clutter that you do not want to get rid of but do not need fast access to, but it can be very easy for this to become a chaotic and unorganized space that will add to your stress levels. This is why you should have loft storage solutions that can keep this space neat and organized. Storage containers that are built into the eaves can be a smart use of space to keep this area organized.

Reduce Clutter With These Tips

This post should help you to reduce clutter in your home. Not only will this make your home more attractive, but it should also help to lower stress too.

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