5 Common Roof Problems and the Corresponding Fixes

A roof is an essential part of a home, but one that most owners give little thought to. Your roof protects everything under it, including your family and belongings. But, even the sturdiest roofing can develop problems. Storms and years of sunlight cause damage. Fortunately, routine inspections highlight typical problems, allowing homeowners to repair issues.


1. Roof Leaks

Leaks are probably the most common roof problems and aren’t always obvious. Many leaks show up as minor, growing ceiling stains. They can also appear as torrents of water or even steady drips due to storms or other types of damage.

The easiest way to locate a leak’s source is to take a flashlight into the attic and look for problems. Wet insulation, mold, or stained rafters can pinpoint the source.

Because roofing can be slippery or damaged, it’s best if homeowners avoid climbing on roofs to inspect them. Experts like Primo Roofing have the experience and tools to locate issues quickly and safely. They can also offer the best repair options.

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

Professionals recommend that homeowners regularly inspect their roofs for signs of damaged or missing shingles. Age, harsh weather, or faulty installation are some reasons that shingles begin to lift or tear off.

The sealant that holds shingles down can begin to wear and may loosen or disappear. As roofs get older, it is common for a certain number of shingles to tear off.

Replacing shingles is a simple fix, especially for owners comfortable with DIY projects. According to This Old House experts, the job requires a ladder, hammer, roofing nails, flat bar, roofing sealant, and caulking gun. Homeowners can find shingles in home improvement stores and DIY instructions online.

Because repairs involve working on the roof, it’s not a project for everyone. A contractor can handle the job efficiently and guarantee quality results.

3. Flashing Problems

When a roof is installed, contractors add metal or plastic flashing to protect creases on components like chimneys or skylights. Flashing can also be installed to protect vent pipes. Damaged or loose flashing can make roofing susceptible to water. Per Family Handyman, correctly installed chimney flashing in good condition prevents water from running down a chimney’s face and entering the attic.

Homeowners can use a flashlight to inspect the flashing and locate problems. Since repairs require removing surrounding materials, it’s usually best to leave the projects to professionals.

4. Poorly Maintained Gutters

Home gutters are installed to capture water from rain and melting snow. The gutters route wate away from the foundation and other areas that could be damaged by excess moisture. When gutters are not maintained, they can clog and overflow, causing fascia, window, or siding damage.

Routine gutter inspections and cleaning help prevent these issues. While homeowners can clean their gutters, the job requires working on a tall leader, which can be dangerous. Professionals clear gutters, locate damaged areas, and repair or replace gutters.

5. Moss Growth

When homes are wholly or partially shaded, moss can begin to grow on roofing materials. Unfortunately, it may grow under shingles, breaking the seals and causing expensive damage.

Home improvement stores sell moss and algae cleaning solutions that allow homeowners to remove moss. They can access the roof and remove moss using a hose (not a pressure washer) and a long-handled scrub brush.

However, working on a wet roof can be dangerous, so homeowners should be cautious. Roof cleaning specialists can remove moss safely and may be able to apply a special treatment that inhibits new growth.

Leaks, missing shingles, damaged flashing, clogged gutters, and moss are common roofing issues that homeowners may encounter. Owners can deal with the issues themselves, but roofing experts can solve these and many other problems quickly and safely while guaranteeing quality results.


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