5 Common Roofing Problems Every Homeowner Should Know

Roofing problems are a common occurrence among many homeowners. From minor leaks to clogged gutters, roofs are prone to several common issues that require immediate attention. To help you with your roof maintenance, here are five common roofing problems experienced by homeowners.


5 Common Roofing Problems Every Homeowner Should Know


1. Clogged Gutters

Clogged or damaged gutters can lead to various issues, including water pooling or backing up into the system. Eventually, the water will seep into parts of the roof, causing rotting problems. To prevent damaged or clogged gutters, regularly check your gutters for leaves and debris. You can also consider installing screens into your City Seamless gutters to prevent large and more damaging debris from getting into the system.

2. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are common among homeowners and can occur for several reasons. These include ice dams, poorly installed or maintained roof ventilation, or poor workmanship.  If you notice water leaks coming through your ceiling inside the house, this is a clear sign that your roof has long been leaking. Take some preventive measures before it reaches there and check out for the following signs:

  • A sagging roof visible from the walkway 
  • Water stains on the roof beams, sheathing and rafters in your attic
  • Stains on the wood if your garage roof is exposed

If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional roof contractor immediately for an inspection.

3. Moss

Parts of your roof that usually don’t get enough sun may be prone to moss growth. Unfortunately, when moss gets under shingles, it breaks their seal leading to leaks. Moss can also promote decay in roofing materials, including asphalt shingle and cedar shake roofs. Ensure you get rid of the moss from the roof as soon as possible to avoid this.

There are several ways to remove the moss from your roof. However, washing detergent and chlorine bleach are the most effective. Mix hot water with one cup of washing detergent and one cup of chlorine bleach, and then use a spray bottle to apply the mixture to the affected portion. Leave it for 30 minutes, and then rinse it off with clean water.

4. Poor Installation

Getting an inexperienced roofer to do roof installation can cost you money in the long run. Poorly installed roofs are one of the reasons for short lifespans, mold, or enduring complications. While it might save you money upfront, hiring an inexperienced contractor can lead to complex issues. It’s best to hire a qualified roof contractor to install your roof professionally since this can be a dangerous project without the required expertise.

5. Damaged Flashing

The flashing around your roof helps seal the protruding areas and protect them from water damage and leaks. Flashing is usually installed around vent pipes, chimneys, HVAC systems, skylights, or other components penetrating your roof. Poorly installed flashing will allow moisture to get into areas of the roof where it shouldn’t, leading to leaks or other problems. Contact a professional for repair or replacement if you notice any damaged flashing.



Roofing systems are installed to last for decades, but they require some maintenance and repairs now and then. Over time, you will likely experience some of these problems, especially when you fail to do regular roof maintenance. If you notice any of these issues in your roof, call a professional roofer you can trust to do the repair or replacement work.  


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