5 Common Signs You Need a New Roof for Your House

The roof of our homes keeps us warm and dry, covered and protected from the elements. It’s what makes a house a home! As such, our roof deserves love and care to ensure that it can do its job for many years to come. Repairs and fixes are necessary to protect its integrity with no issues. Have you noticed that your roof isn’t holding up as well as it used to? Here are some signs you need a new roof!


1. Shingle Issues

Unfortunately, roof shingles don’t last forever. These roofing materials can start to deteriorate and warp, affecting the look and integrity of your roof.

Wood shingles can have a distinguished curve to them. This indicates that they’ve done their time on your roof.

Shingles can also fall off, which is another big indicator that you’re having roofing problems. However, if you have a metal or tiled roof, problems can present themselves in different ways. Watch out for damage and missing tiles.

2. Leaks

40% of building issues are related to water damage. Your roof is directly exposed to the elements and likely to take damage from rain and snow over time.

This is why it’s important to keep an eye out for leaks, as they can be one of the tell-tale signs that you need a roof replacement.

In some cases, you can get away with a small replacement. This would be done when the leaks are only in one spot.

However, if the entire roof is leaking then you’ll need a full replacement of the roof.

3. Natural Growths

Moss may seem harmless and simply a cosmetic issue, however, it can actually be quite damaging. It tends to grow on damp shaded roofs that are out of the sun.

You can take the moss off, but it’s likely to grow right back again. It’s more important to look into the situation and make sure that it’s not causing an underlying issue.

4. Sagging Roof

Every now and then, pause to have a look at your roof. Ensure there is no sagging, as this can indicate structural issues with your roof. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this situation.

If you notice sagging, you should call and have a residential roofing assessment to find the problem and weigh out your options.

5. Old Age

Sometimes old age is all that’s wrong with your roof. They, unfortunately, cannot last forever, so they’ll need to be replaced at some point.

If your roof is pushing 20 years old, it may be time to think about a new one. You should always call a professional if you think that this is the case.


Signs You Need A New Roof: Now You Know Them

By understanding these signs you need a new roof, you’re better prepared to know when the time comes. You don’t want to wait for your roof to actually fail before investing in a new one for your own health and safety.

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