5 Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

The CDC reports that around 3.8 million emergency room visits happened from 2001 to 2018 for children who play contact sports. Unfortunately, 45% of these incidents involved some level of sports-related traumatic brain injuries.

For kids and adults alike, sports injuries are an unfortunate reality. Joint damage or sprains and breaks can sneak up on even the most careful among us.

But, how do you recognize the warning signs and prevent sports-related injuries? The good news is that some knowledge and best practices can keep you from significant health risks. And you can get started by reading this article today!


Shin Splints

It’s not unusual for someone getting back into sports to experience shin splints. However, don’t get too discouraged by the shooting pain down your shins. This intense feeling often happens due to temporary inflammation along the tibia bone.

To prevent this problem, make sure to know your limits. Injuries in sports often occur because someone pushes themselves too hard. Additionally, don’t forget to stretch before participating in sports that involve running.


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Muscle Strain or Sprain

Due to repetitive motions, it’s not unusual for some sports enthusiasts to overstretch or tear their tendons. Fortunately, muscle strain is easy to treat if you take the time to ice or even splint the area.

You can avoid this type of injury by stretching before participating in a sport like tennis. Also, if you know that you’re fatigued, make sure to stop and take a break.

Knee Injuries

Activities with repeated actions that are hard on this part of the body are often the culprit. As a result, some sports have a higher likelihood of producing knee injuries due to stress on ligaments.

As with most cases, once you recognize pain, make sure to stop the activity. You may keep ACL tears and other problems away by stretching before playing a sport and listening to your body.


5 Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Fractures or Dislocations

A fracture occurs when something happens to cause a total break or crack in a bone. While it can also deliver significant pain, a dislocation is when a bone disconnects from a joint.

To reduce the risk of fractures or dislocations, wear the appropriate safety gear for contact sports. Furthermore, always use the proper technique for your activity and don’t play through the pain.

Back Pain

While problems with the back represent common injuries for many sports, it’s a typical issue for weightlifters. Accordingly, keeping the proper form while cross-training is crucial to keep painful symptoms away.

You can prevent back pain from participating in your favorite sport by stretching and strengthening your core. If problems persist, you may need physical therapy from a trusted organization like www.truemotionllc.com.


5 Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them


Want to Know More About Sports Injuries?

Knowing about these sports injuries and how to prevent them is critical to your health. As with most health subjects, there’s also much more to learn. Knee injuries and other types of sprains may be common, but what if you have a different problem?

There’s plenty more health information on this blog that can keep you healthy and happy. Explore more of what we have to offer before you leave to play your favorite sport!

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