5 Common Types Of Commercial Air Conditioning HVAC

Commercial air conditioners are used to cool, heat, and dehumidify the air in businesses of various sizes. Any office space, from an office to a restaurant to a gym to a school to a recreation center, may benefit from installing an air conditioning unit designed for commercial usage to keep the indoor environment pleasant year-round, whether for consumers or workers.

To heat or cool a space, these commercial systems mimic the operation of traditional HVAC systems by sucking air from the area. To what degree we’d want to heat or cool the house? Let’s learn about different types of it and know which is the best commercial grade AC units for large buildings.


Varieties Of Commercial AC Systems

Commercial air conditioning is a standard fixture from corner shops and cafes to multi-story office buildings and public spaces. Air conditioning systems are available in a wide range of heating and cooling capabilities to cater to the wide range of requirements in the modern world. Additionally, there are a wide variety of arrangements to choose from. The most popular commercial air conditioning systems include:

●    Central Air Conditioning

Ductwork is an integral part of a Central Air Conditioning system since it facilitates the distribution of conditioned air throughout the building. It combines the ductwork for bringing in conditioned air and distributing it around a space. That part of the system is in charge of recycling the conditioned air.

These commercial air conditioning systems not only chill the air but also remove some of the humidity from the environment. In this way, the space may be enjoyed in comfort.

●     Mini-Split

To simplify, a ductless mini-split system is only one outside, and one inside unit linked together with refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring. The interior unit, often installed on a wall, brings conditioned air inside the home without requiring ducts. A heating and cooling system with a single zone aims to provide comfort to just that one region. Similarly, this one work well in a cozy, contained space.

●     Air Conditioning With Multiple Split-System Units

Multi-split systems are air conditioning and heating setups with numerous inside units that may be linked to a single outside unit. This method is often used in cafeterias, factories, and workplaces. The more space and aesthetic appeal you can save by reducing the number of outside units you need, the better. In the business world, this is also applicable to AC units.

●     VRF or VRV

VRF and VRV systems use heat pumps and heat recovery. Due to their versatility, heat pump systems are ideal for buildings with open floor plans since they can be used to either heat or cool the space. A single heat recovery system might provide multi-zone heating and cooling. They are, therefore, a suitable option for a building with many rooms.

Efficient commercial HVAC systems harvest excess heat from the structure and put it to use heating water and other surfaces. The heat recovery system will allow you to use one room’s air conditioning to heat another.

●     Chillers

Chillers are also often employed in commercial and industrial contexts. It’s important to note that there are two distinct varieties of vapor compression chillers on the market.

Water-cooled chillers, such as the absorption kind, use very little power. It is a heat source refrigeration technology utilized in medium- and large-sized buildings’ central air conditioning systems.



It’s tough to budget for a new business air conditioner and the expense of having it installed. For this reason, consumers are not uncommon to seek pre-owned commercial air conditioning systems. Some companies buy used goods instead of brand-new ones to save money.


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