5 Considerations When Buying A Dryer

Don’t have the space to air-dry your clothes or live somewhere that’s in desperate need of sunny weather? Dryers are a great way to get your clothes clean and fresh without the hassle of hanging them out after every wash.

If the dryer you own has finally dried its last cycle or if you are considering getting a new one, you may need help choosing your dryer. There are so many models to choose from and manufacturers are constantly innovating new ways to present this appliance. To help you pick your preferred brand and model, here are the top five considerations when you are out shopping for a new dryer.


1.  Dryer Type

  • Front-Loading

Front-loading dryers have the door to the machine at the side. This means that you will need to bend, squat, or sit down so that you can add and remove your clothes. One advantage to front-loading dryers is that they can be stacked on top of one another, which is good if you are planning on buying more than one. The top can also double as a platform where you can place items and objects.

  • Top-Loading

If your knees can’t handle all the physical activity involved in owning a front-loading dryer, then maybe the top-loading variety would be better suited for your lifestyle. However, it will involve reaching in to make sure that all your clothes have been removed from the drum once the cycle is over.

  • Ventless

Ventless dryers do not have a vent to push out all the lint, moisture, and heat that accumulates inside the machine. It is the ideal choice for people who are living in an apartment, or other places where people do not have the luxury of renovating their surroundings to accommodate a dryer.

Ventless dryers use heat pumps or condensers to operate. Due to the additional work that goes into manufacturing ventless dryers, these models are usually a little more expensive. However, the advantage to this is that they use less energy. In the long run, you will definitely regain the extra cash you spent to get this machine through energy savings.

  • Combination

Combination dryers are capable of washing clothes as well, so it functions as an all-in-one laundry machine. Since they can only either wash or dry one load at a time, they may not be the most efficient choice for big families. However,  they are a great option for people who do not have a lot of space or drying needs.


5 Considerations When Buying A Dryer


2. Energy Source

When it comes to dryers, you can choose from two different energy sources: gas and electric. Having a gas dryer helps you save on electricity. This is an advantage if the cost of energy in your area is particularly steep. However, you will need to have a gas line to your home and this will require special installation. 

Electric dryers cost less and are mostly used in modern households, but the cost of energy per use varies according to the load. This may make it difficult to budget ahead for your electricity bill.

Take note that electric dryers require a 240-volt electrical outlet to work. This machine cannot operate if it is plugged into a standard outlet.

3. Size

According to industry standards, dryers usually come in two different size ranges. There is the wide full size that measures 25 to 29 inches, or the 24-inch compact models. Consider the number of clothes you need to dry on a regular basis as well as the size of your laundry room space to help you make the right decision.


5 Considerations When Buying A Dryer

4. Budget

A brand new dryer will set you back anywhere between $300 to $15,000. While the best dryer will differ according to the buyer’s unique needs and preferences, the usual price range for dryers with must-have features is $400 to $600.

The cost of dryers can go up to $15,000 because of their high-tech and stylistic features. This includes stainless steel drums, glass doors, a more varied control panel, additional cycles, and more drying capabilities. These features are not a necessity for the average homeowner, so choose wisely.

If you can wait until the price of dryers goes down, we recommend looking out for Labor Day, Black Friday, Memorial Day, and President’s Day. These are usually the best times to go shopping because the price of appliances go down significantly.

Other times of the year to keep an eye out for our September and October. These are the times when manufacturers put the current year’s models up for sale to make way for the new year. Discounts on last year’s models will also take place every January.

5 Considerations When Buying A Dryer


5. Extended Warranties

Any amount spent in new gadgets and appliances should be protected wholeheartedly. We recommend looking into extended warranties so that you have a fallback in case your dryer suddenly needs repairs or replacements. While the price of dryers vary widely depending on the make and features of each model, warranties have generally remained the same. 

Aside from getting an extended warranty, make sure that dryer servicing is also available in your area and that the technicians are qualified to handle your dryer’s make and model.


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