5 Contemporary Living Room Ideas to Impress

Do you like sleek, bold, and clean designs? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. The contemporary style is perfect for any living room and can make a space feel larger than it actually is. Not to mention, guests are sure to be impressed by your class and taste. But which kind of contemporary design style is right for you? Keep reading to learn 5 of the best contemporary living room ideas.


1. Black and White

When people picture contemporary design, this is often what they think of. It’s clean, classic, and has a simple color palette of black, white, and grey.

This design often includes white walls, furniture with clean lines, wall art in black frames, circular mirrors, a geometric coffee table, and glass decor.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas to Impress
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2. Metallic Accents

Metallic touches complement the black and white style best while also adding a bit of elegance. Popular metallic finishes include copper, brass, silver, and gold.

These metallic accents can be utilized in a variety of ways such as lighting fixtures, coffee tables, chairs, and frames. And if you want to carry this sense of opulence further, bring in elements like furry throw blankets and large mirrors.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas to Impress
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3. A Pop of Color

If the black and white design isn’t for you, this one might speak more to your personal style.

This design keeps the clean, contemporary look intact while also featuring bold pops of color. For example, you could go big with a loud living room rug, accent wall, couch, or piece of wall art.

Alternatively, your color of choice could be used in small ways throughout the room. This could be incorporated through plants, throw pillows, books, candles, or coasters.

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4. Earthy Tones

This design will make your living room feel warm yet fresh. And while it’s still contemporary in style, it incorporates earthier colors such as brown, green, cream, and grey.

It is no surprise that earthy tone is one of the most stylish contemporary living room ideas. To achieve this look, include elements such as woven chairs, a tan couch, a wooden coffee table, large plants, a simple patterned rug, and understated wall art.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas to Impress
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5. Featured Lighting Fixture

Living room lights can make a real statement, almost like a hanging sculpture. And if a featured lighting fixture speaks to you, the whole space will have to be designed around it.

To do this, the living room should utilize neutral walls, simple furniture, soft fabrics, and a plain rug.

After installing your light fixture, double-check all your utilities are still working properly. Because if something goes wrong, you’ll want to call up the lighting, heating, or ac repair company before guests see the new place.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas to Impress
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Ready To Design Your Contemporary Living Room?

Contemporary living will never have looked better. So whether you choose the sophisticated black and white design or the comforting earthy style, your living room will look impeccable. Now go impress some visitors with your incredible style!

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