5 Delta 8 THC Products You Need to Try and Everything There Is to Know

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Did you know that as of the writing of this post medical cannabis is legal in 34 states? Did you recently get a medical card or do you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal and have been hearing about Delta 8 THC? If so, you are in the right place we have put together this guide to teach you all about Delta 8 THC flower, gummies, and everything in between.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of Delta 8 THC.


Delta 8 thc


1. 3CHI Gummies

These gummies from 3CHI have 25mg of THC in each gummy along with some CBC and CBN to maximize the results. This brand is known for having gummies that taste like normal gummies without the hemp taste or funny after taste.

You can choose from an 8 pack or a 16 pack, and you can choose either watermelon or black raspberry flavor. After you open it, it is best to refrigerate it and keep it out of a humid environment so it doesn’t melt. You can also check out more products from 3CHI because they have everything from tinctures to cartridges to terpenes.

3CHI became the first company in the United States to manufacture and sell legalized THC products. One of the pros of this company is that the brand uses all-natural ingredients.

2. Boston Hempire

This is another brand that sells quality Delta 8 products. They go all around the world looking for the best quality hemp strains to help source their products. Most customers that try Boston Hempire love the Delta 8 watermelon gummies they sell.

You do not have to worry about preservatives in the products and they are very transparent with how they run their business. With every shipment, they send out a fully detailed lab report.

3. NuLeaf Naturals

This company has capsules and Delta 8 tinctures available. You can choose from either 150mg, 450mg, or 900mg. They also ship internationally and ship for free around the United States.

NuLeaf has been around since 2014 and they not only offer THC they also offer a full line of CBD products. With their products, you do not have to worry about herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, mold, or fungi. They also make sure that the products they sell have the optimal amount of cannabinoids and terpenes.

4. Delta Effex

If you are looking for options then you will be pleased to learn that Delta Effex offers everything from flower to pre-rolls to edibles to tinctures to cartridges. All of their products are derived from CBD and the hemp plant.

Delta Effex also puts every batch of its products through third-party lab testing. This ensures that they are selling high-quality and high purity products.

5. Limitless

Using a tincture is an easy and convenient way to consume Delta 8 without leaving a trace of smoke smell behind. Limitless offers a tincture that you simply apply a few drops under your tongue and wait for the effects to kick in. It has a total of 1700 cannabinoids and comes in a subtle strawberry flavor.

Limitless also have cartridges that include 50% Delta-8 THC, 98% active cannabinoids, and 21% CBC. You have different strain options to choose from including OG Kush, Gelato, Blue Dream, etc.

How Do You Use It?

Because Delta 8 occurs in such tiny amounts in cannabis plants it is generally produced into a distillate form. It can be distilled into a thick translucent liquid that looks like a CND distillate. The distillate can either be vaporized with a dab rig or with a standard weed pen, or it can be consumed with a cartridge or syringe.

For those that want to take up the THC level a notch, you can mix it with flower. Distillate is edible which means that you can also consume it orally. There are a few companies that make Delta 8 infused oral tinctures as well.

The most common ways to use Delta 8 is via vaping, dabbing, edibles, mixing with flower, or sublingual use.


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There is still a limited amount of research for Delta 8 but this research has shown Delta 8 THC to be promising to date. One of the benefits that have been discovered is that it is considered to be one of the cannabinoids that inhibit tumor growth. This is according to a study that was conducted in 2013 by the National Cancer Institute.

Another study that was done found that Delta 8 THC reduces the symptoms of nausea with very few side effects in kids. That is why the best Delta 8 gummies are so popular among people suffering from these symptoms. Children that were dealing with hematologic cancers were treated with Delta 8 to prevent vomiting and it was completely prevented.

Other studies have shown that Delta 8 that is applied topically helps with treating inflammation and pain. Studies done on mice have shown that it might also have some neuroprotective properties based on brain activity that was being monitored during the study.

For those looking to reduce anxiety, relieve some pain, or reduce nausea symptoms then you might want to consider trying Delta 8 THC. You will be able to relax with it being a bit more potent than CBD alone but, less potent than strains with high amounts of THC.

Dosage Guide

There is never a right dosage to take because everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to cannabis strains. It is best to do some experimentation to find your optimal dosage that will produce the effects you want without the unwanted side effects.

Make sure that you start with a low dosage. For example, if you are starting with Delta 8 THC gummies, take a quarter of the gummy or half before taking a whole gummy. If you are vaping, start with just one puff.

Wait a little while before you take more to see whether or not you feel a Delta 8 THC high. If you ever experience nausea, headaches, or other effects it means that you took too much. In this case, lower your amount next time you try Delta 8.

Keep in mind, that if you are taking gummies then give it at least an hour and a half before you consider taking any more. A lot of people make the mistake of only waiting 30/45 minutes because of not feeling anything. It takes a little longer because your body has to metabolize the gummy before you feel anything.

A good tip is to keep a dosing log when you first start experimenting with your dosage. Keep track of how much you are taking and the effects that you are feeling.


Delta 8 thc


Legalities of Delta Eight

One of the main differences between cannabis and Delta 8 is that the lack of Delta-9 THC puts Delta 8 into the same class as CBD products. Because of this classification, it currently does not have federal scheduling.

In 2020 there was a rule issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration that states that any cannabinoid that is created synthetically is illegal. The DEA considers Delta 8 to be a Schedule 1 narcotic because even though CBD occurs naturally in hemp, whenever a catalyst is applied this is considered synthetic.

Top Tips

There are a few ways that will make trying out Delta-8 THC more enjoyable. Before you go buy Delta 8 products we recommend getting familiar with all of these tips.

  • Try Vaping

The easiest way to consume Delta 8 is via vaping. You will simply need a vape cartridge that you can fill with terpenes and oils and you are good to go. The reason vaping has become so popular over the years is that you can easily carry it everywhere, making it super convenient.

Another pro is that it will not leave a lingering smell of cannabis.

  • Avoid Clear Distillate Products

When you start shopping for Delta 8 products you will notice that many of the products are precise and look almost picture-perfect. More than likely these are the products that you want to stay away from because they are bleached with acids and bleach to look perfect.

It is best to choose rose-colored distillates to avoid accidentally taking in harmful chemicals that you might find in clear distillates.

  • Try Edibles

If you want a high that lasts longer than most go for some edibles. They are trendy because of the longer-lasting effects but you have to have patience because it can take one to two hours for them to set in after you ingest them.

The “high” feelings from edibles will last anywhere between six to eight hours.

  • Do Not Take Before a Drug Test

If you know you have a drug test coming up do not take any Delta 8 because it will trigger a positive result. Although, Delta 8 THC is legal if you test positive the drug test will stand. There are many sports organizations and other organizations that still do not permit the use of cannabis products even if it is legal.

Avoid using Delta 8 for at least a week if you are scheduled for a drug test. You can test positive for as long as 48 hours after you use it.

  • Check Your State Laws

Before you try buying Delta 8, double-check to see if it is legal where you live. As of the writing of this post, it is not legal in Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, Iowa, Idaho, Mississippi, or Nebraska. Those states have banned all Delta 8 products and every type of cannabis available.

  • Do Not Use While Driving

This should go without saying but some people think that they can consume Delta 8 and drive a car afterward with no problem. The truth is that you should avoid operating any type of machinery because although it is less potent than higher THC cannabis, you will still get a “high” feeling.

If you are caught driving and you get arrested you might be charged with a DUI even if it is Delta 8.

  • Buy From Licensed Vendors

You might see cannabis or marijuana products being sold in streets or gas stations but unfortunately, these probably do not meet the required standards set forth. If you risk it and opt to buy from unlicensed vendors you might end up using Delta 8 products that are harmful to your body or health.

To ensure that you are taking safe and legal products make sure that you stick to licensed vendors.

  • Do Not Use in Public

If you purchase flowers or pre-rolls do not consume them out in public. This applies even to those that live in a state where cannabis is legal. If you are out in public consuming Delta 8, law enforcement has the right to take you in and arrest you because they can’t verify the content of what you are using.

Keep in mind that many states that have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical purposes have it banned for use in public settings.

  • Delta 8 Flower

For anyone that prefers to smoke, then you might want to opt for Delta 8 flower. There are different options such as Sour Diesel Delta 8, Bubba OG Kush flower, or even pre-rolls if you prefer having someone else roll it for you. You can also opt to use glassware when it comes to ingesting the flower.

Feeling Like a Delta 8 THC Pro?

We hope that now that you are aware of everything there is to know about Delta 8 THC, you can make an informed decision whether or not you want to try this strain. With Delta 8 one of the main benefits is that you won’t experience impaired coordination, tripping, or impaired judgment.

Did this blog post help you out today? Please keep browsing the rest of this section to make sure you are all caught up with our latest informative reads.


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