5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Furnace Safety And Maintenance

As the first snow of the year falls, furnace safety and maintenance are paramount, requiring proactive measures from homeowners. Otherwise, the coldness of the air will get the best of you, and you’ll potentially face major issues when you need it the most. With proper safety and maintenance, you could easily avoid problems with your furnace. Aside from that, it also has several benefits.

Among all other reasons why it’s a must to maintain your furnace, the most notable one is that it keeps your unit functioning for a longer time. If you don’t keep your furnace well-maintained, it’ll break down sooner than expected. It can mean thousands of dollars of unnecessary expenses.

With that in mind, here are some safety dos and don’ts to help keep your furnace running safely and efficiently and prolong its useful life.


The Do’s

Do Schedule An Annual Maintenance

Even when you don’t think furnace repair is called for, scheduling annual maintenance is still imperative. Skipping this habit is the foundation of poor furnace health. It’ll only set you up for bigger and more expensive problems further down the road.

Ideally, annual maintenance will suffice, usually before the winter season comes. However, if your furnace repair company deems it necessary, they may require a semi-annual schedule instead.

Do Hire Only The Professionals

It can be tempting for some homeowners to repair and maintain the furnace on their own. The premise behind such a move is often to save on the potential expenses of hiring experts.

While there are furnace repair maintenance measures you can do yourself, the annual check isn’t something you should put on that list. Leave it to the professional and expert furnace repair Longview, TX companies only. Hiring professionals isn’t something worth skimping on.

Remember, they have skills, expertise, knowledge, and tools that you don’t. Aside from keeping the furnace in good condition, they can also spot warning signs before those issues even arise.

If you want to stay on top of your furnace repair by hiring professionals, watch this video:



Do Check The Outdoor Unit

Depending on your furnace’s placement, some parts may be exposed on your home’s exterior. As you take care of the parts inside, be sure not to forget and neglect the outdoor parts of the furnace.

Keeping it clean is a prudent move. Rake away any leaves and debris that may have settled. Wipe the outer parts as those are exposed to the outdoor elements. It also means those parts are more susceptible to dust collection than those on the inside.

When there’s too much dust and debris piled up on the furnace’s outdoor parts, the danger of a potential blockage can be inevitable. Unfortunately, this can affect overall furnace efficiency.

The Dont’s

Don’t Neglect Filter Replacement

Perhaps unknown to many, the filter is one of the most important parts of your furnace. The furnace can’t function as efficiently as it should if the filter itself is dirty. In worst-case scenarios, the filter can be so dirty that it negatively affects your home’s air quality.

Depending on your system type, you could be asked to change the filters once every six months or annually. The need for this is usually determined during the annual maintenance check. Moreover, some furnace systems also have an oil filter, so check if yours have one.

Don’t Skip On Having An Emergency Plan

It pays to have the mobile number of your trusted furnace repairman, so you know whom to call when an emergency arises. However, this doesn’t mean you should rely only on them completely. As the homeowner, you are responsible for performing ‘first aid’ on your furnace at home while waiting for the professionals to arrive. That is why you need an emergency plan.

For instance:

  • Make sure everyone in the household is aware of where the main shutoff valve is;
  • If you smell gas, shut it close before even leaving the house;
  • Leave the house as soon as you smell leaking gas.

Call the local fire department immediately if anything seems to be out of control.

The Bottom Line

A modern home comes well-equipped with all sorts of technology and household systems, like a furnace unit. These systems must be well-maintained to keep them in optimal condition. Imagine the hassle of the colder season looming in, only to discover that your furnace is no longer functioning well.

It would be a big dilemma, not just for comfort’s sake but also for the health and wellness of everyone in the household. Let the experts do the regular maintenance and the easier maintenance measures on your own. The list above can be your reference in staying on top of your furnace safety and maintenance.


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