5 Easy Pest Control Remedies That Make a World of Difference

As spring arrives, so does the risk of pest infestation. Mosquitoes, flies, spiders, and many other pests just love spring and warmth. This is that time of the year when pest populations tend to grow beyond imagination as well. Also, there are certain pest control remedies in the shape of actions and materials that can provide great results.

Easy pest remedies provide great control over their population and also reducing the risk of property infestation. For homes, apartments, offices, and buildings of all kinds, these pest control remedies can just what is needed. Read below to find out easy things to do for pest control this year. These will help you sleep better more peacefully at night.


Pest Control Remedies


1. Seal All Cracks and Holes in Walls, Doors, and Windows

The very first thing you need to ensure is that there is no easy way in your property for pests. Mice, ants, cockroaches, lizards, and many other species simply crawl through wall, door, or window cracks. Even the smallest wall or roof cracks can be enough to let in so many different pests.

When you find any cracks or holes in your walls, it is best to seal them up immediately. Use temporary silicon if a permanent solution is not available immediately. These pest control remedies help stop these buggers from entering your premises.

This is also what professional pest control Vancouver service providers do when they first visit your property. Have a deep look at all the walls, windows, and doors. Don’t forget floors and ceilings as well. Seal away all cracks that you find to stop any future pest infestations.

2. Use Pest Repellent Oils and Plants

There are many different oils that have proven to be pest repellants. Citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, catnip oil, peppermint oil, clove oil and more do the job greatly. Sprinkle small amounts of these oils anywhere you can without leaving a visible mark or too much scent. This should help keep pests away.

Also, there are some well-known pest repellant plants as well. Chamomile plant, chive plant, chrysanthemums plant, citronella grass, and many others are known examples. Keep these in the house for the best pest repellant effects at all times. These pest control remedies work great for all properties.

These may not be the first recommendations from scientists and doctors but have been trusted for centuries. Using any of these, you will only add a bit of scent to the interior. There is no such disadvantage of using any at all. Try these if they work for you.

3. Smoke Out Pests Safely

Where oils and plants may not be trusted by everyone, smoke is certainly agreed upon by all. If there is one thing pests don’t like, it is being suffocated in dense smoke. Smoking out pests is something that has been around for centuries as well as providing great pest control remedies options.

However, smoking out pests should only be done by people who know what they are doing. Wearing face masks and goggles is highly recommended for safety. There should also be no people or pets around in the room or space that is to be smoked.

Smoke bombs are available with pest repellant materials in them. Also, there are some fallen tree branches and leaves that can be smoked to drive out pests. These work exceptionally well for cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, and many other types of pests.

4. Get Mesh Door and Window Panels Installed

This one is all about stopping pests from entering as well. One of the first recommendations from a professional pest control burnaby service provider is to use mesh panels on doors and windows. Since spring and summer demand fresh air for interiors, this also lets in pests when doors are opened.

To stop pests from getting easy routes inside any property, make sure to get mesh panels installed on doors and windows. Mesh panels allow fresh air inside the property while blocking away all kinds of pests. These pest control remedies have great applications for all kinds of properties.

Mesh panels are available cheaply. Some fancy ones also look great adding a bit of accessory to your homes and properties. Select ones with very thin holes or pores on their surface. Little pests only need a tiny bit of space to travel inside a property at any time.

5. Schedule Professional Pest Control Visits Regularly

Do you have a local pest control services contract already? If not, get one pretty soon. Especially if you have a backyard garden or a front lawn, your property will be attacked by pests. Schedule pest control visits from professionals every so often.

Professionals are ultimately the best pest control remedies you need. They will not only be able to eliminate existing pest infestations but also safeguard your property against any future ones. Get weekly visits if needed or schedule them as required by your property’s nature.


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