5 Easy Ways to Prepare for an Open House

If you’ve decided to sell your property through a realtor, or you’re selling it yourself, you’ll likely be holding open houses. These give prospective purchasers a chance to view your home before deciding to place an offer.

While they can be avoided when you sell to professional buyers, you may have already decided to at least try your luck in the open market and see whether you can secure a seller. For the best chance of success, consider exploring any of these open house preparation tips below.


Take Care Of Obvious Issues

You might have learned what not to fix when selling a house, but there are likely a few simple and obvious repairs you can make to avoid prospective purchasers from being disappointed at your open home.

Ensure all lights and sockets are working, and take care of leaking faucets and any loose fixtures. Minor issues such as these can stand out for all the wrong reasons yet take minimal time, effort, and money to resolve.

Clear the Clutter

The right buyer may come along and see through the clutter to picture their own furniture in your space, but decluttering can undoubtedly make the open house experience more pleasant. Clear counters, bedside cabinets, and any space that appears untidy. Take this opportunity to hide valuables and store personal possessions such as photographs.

As you will likely have more than one open house before your property sells, purchase large containers for each room in your home to store your possessions so that they are easy to put back in place later.


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Perform a Deep Clean

A clean and tidy home can be far more welcoming than one that’s not. If you have time, perform a top-to-bottom clean that leaves all surfaces sparkling, with particular attention paid to the kitchen and bathrooms. If you lack time, consider hiring a cleaner who can give your home the attention it deserves.

Prepare the Yard

While you’re busy focusing on presenting a clean and tidy interior, it’s easy to neglect your yard. However, your front yard is one of the first things prospective purchasers see when they enter your property, and your rear yard might be what they see before they leave.

At a minimum, mow the lawn and pull out any weeds. If you have pets, make sure their business is cleaned up and clear the children’s toys away. These easy tasks may make a world of difference to your property’s presentation while ensuring visitors can easily navigate your entire property.

Heat or Cool Your Home

No matter the time of year, you have the opportunity to show what your heating and cooling systems are capable of. Turn on the heating to show how cozy it is in winter or keep the air conditioning going so that visitors can experience relief from the harsh elements.

You might even like to open windows on warm days to ventilate each room or do some baking before people arrive, so they smell the sweet aroma of fresh cookies when they walk through the door.

If you decide to sell your property on the open market, you will likely be getting ready to welcome prospective purchasers through an open house. Doing a few of these things above may be all it takes to have someone signing on the dotted line.

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