5 Examples of Interior Design Styles

Your home is your canvas, and few instances can inspire creativity quite like decorating and designing your home.

But when it comes to home interior design, the sheer number of design options can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve chosen these five examples of interior design styles to inspire your next interior design project.


1. Modern 

A modern interior design style is rooted in familiar forms and shapes, such as squares.

A modern design incorporates a simple color palette and often uses glass, metal, and steel materials. Modern design furniture is often sleek. There is little clutter or extra accessories associated with a modern style.

Overall, it’s a fairly timeless style.


Interior Design Styles


2. Contemporary 

Many people use the terms modern and contemporary interchangeably, but there is a difference. A modern design style is a style from the late 20th century onwards. A contemporary design style is much more recent, of the moment, and flexible in its design.

Both often use neutral colors as a starting point, so expect to incorporate many grays, blacks, and whites into each design. Both styles also utilize an open floor plan concept.

Contemporary design may incorporate furniture with more curves than modern design. Contemporary design uses natural elements such as the wood and stone of modern design, but it also incorporates industrial-inspired elements such as concrete and steel.


Interior Design Styles


3. Coastal

As the name implies, coastal interior design is all about bringing a beach-inspired style to your home interior. A coastal style will use natural light, a color palette that incorporates shades of blue, an airy feeling, and a few sea or beach items to complete the motif.

Your coastal style could take a Mediterranean influence and pay homage to Greek or Spanish shores, or it could hint at the tropics with elements of palm leaf patterns.


Modern Coastal Farmhouse Decor Master Bedroom Interior Design Styles


4. Minimalist

“Less is more” — that’s the primary design principle behind minimalism. It means no clutter, and investing in storage spaces to hide items that aren’t used every day.

Each element and piece of furniture in a minimalist design needs to be justifiable. Otherwise, you risk bringing in extra elements only because you like them.


wqe3 Interior Design Styles


5. Feng Shui

Unlike the other design styles on this list, feng shui (literally “wind-water” when translated from Chinese) is more about creating harmony and balance rather than adhering to more specific rules.

Feng shui principles involve getting rid of clutter and rearranging existing furniture pieces. Feng shui is about connecting with nature and the five elements: metal, water, fire, wood, and earth.

A feng shui design palette could include candles and touches of red for fire, browns and greens to represent wood, grays and whites for metal, blues for water, and yellows and oranges to represent an earth tone.

When designing in a feng shui style, embrace natural light, real plants, and organic shapes.


edw3 Interior Design Styles


A Very Important Safety Tip for All Interior Design Work

Using many of these design styles will require you to either purchase new furniture or re-arrange existing furniture. When moving any furniture around, it’s important to be safe. Don’t attempt to lift heavy objects by yourself.

If you do need to move furniture internally, consult a residential moving company for help. They will have the proper equipment and manpower needed to get the job done safely.

There Are Dozens of Interior Design Styles

The five examples we talked about are merely a few of the options available to you. No matter your taste, there’s an interior design style for you. The right interior design look will allow you to express yourself and make your home your own.

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