5 Fun and Quirky Valentine’s Date Ideas for Gamers

On the hunt for some fun and heart-racing date ideas with your significant other for valentine’s day? If you and your partner share the same undying love for gaming, the conventional candlelight dinner date just won’t cut it on V-day. Now If you’re a gaming couple I’ll assume you both love to explore new things and get lost in your imagination. There are so many date ideas on the internet today but there are so little for couples who thoroughly enjoy gaming. For this reason, we’ve put together 5 fun and quirky date ideas for gamers that are perfect for valentine’s day.

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Date Ideas for Gamers

Take it back old school and visit an arcade! This is a great way of spending quality time outside the house with your gamer partner. There might be some restrictions with this due to the pandemic right now, but it is definitely a fun date idea to keep in mind for the next valentine’s day or further dates when things return back to normal.

Since you both are a gaming couple, it’s normal to assume that you spend a lot of time playing games. To make Valentine’s day special while staying in, why not take some time off gaming and watch a gaming-themed movie instead? Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Need For Speed, Silent Hill, Assassin’s Creed, and Warcraft are great movies to consider for your date night. So get cozy, grab some snacks, and snuggle up with your boo.

Couple shopping adventures are always a good idea. So treat yourself and your significant other to your favorite joker gaming platforms or to a retro gaming shop for a huge rush of nostalgia. Doing this helps you spend time quality together and getting an addition to your gaming collection is action-packed.

Date Ideas for Gamers

Escape room started making waves in the earlier 2000s but they never get outdated. For a fun valentine’s date, take it up a notch with a real-life escape room experience. Not only do you get to solve puzzles, but escape rooms also encourages communication, teamwork, and collaboration. This is the perfect date idea if you and your significant other are competitive, decide what the winners get to make it even more exciting.

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This one is pretty awesome! Do you have other cool gamer couples or friends? Invite them for an unforgettable candlelit trivia night at your home. Set the scene with dim lighting, Moroccan-style floor seating, and plenty of wine of course! Let each couple be a team and make available sexy prizes for the winners.

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