5 Fun Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

The most romantic and fun dates aren’t always the ones that cost a fortune. Cheap doesn’t equal boring, cheap can be spontaneous, adventurous, quirky, and even creative. There are so many incredible and cost-effective ways to plan that romantic date. Without further ado, here are 5 fun date ideas for couples on a budget. Thank us later!


1. Go on a bike ride around the city

This is an exciting and adventurous date idea on a budget. Bikes are very cheap to hire, in you’re in London and environs, you can hire a Santander bicycle for a little as £2. Chances are you and your date haven’t been on a bike since you were little, perhaps in high school with your buddies. Ride along the most scenic part of the city and enjoy racing each other. This is a great way to take the pressure off the conversation while exercising in a fun way.

2. Go for a scenic picnic 

This is a cute and romantic first date idea that is cheap without looking cheap. Head to a farmer’s market or your local supermarket and grab some fruits, finger foods, and cheap wine. You and your date can both agree to bring something a dish each. Visit the local park or beach and set up your picnic date. Check the weather forecast before deciding on a picnic date. If it’s predicted to be gloomy and windy, consider rescheduling or doing something else.


 Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget


3. Play tourists in your own city

Explore the hidden corners of your city and you’d be surprised how much fun this can be. Where are your favorites spots you’d like to show your date? We’re all guilty of not actually visiting popular sites in the city we live in. Wear comfy shoes and weather-appropriate clothing, hop on the city’s tour bus, and pretend to be a tourist a day. This is an unconventional date idea, which will make it memorable for your date! Bear in mind that having a sense of adventure is always seen as an attractive trait in a partner.

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4. Have a movie night 

Movie nights are cheap dates that everyone loves. If you’re lucky to have a backyard space, consider setting up an outdoor movie night and enjoy a film under the stars. Digitalization has only made our lives more convenient over the years. You don’t have to be in the same room as your date to watch a movie together anymore.

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 Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget


5. Cook a fancy three-course dinner together

Dining out can be pretty expensive. Why not save money by cooking a special three-course meal together and dining in. This is a great way to spend quality time with your date. Try out a new recipe or cook something you don’t normally cook. Even though you’re dining in, make the effort to look dashing. Set the scene with roses and lited candles.



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