5 Fun Virtual Date Ideas That Won’t Drive You Insane

The dating world has changed a whole lot over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only has it become very challenging to find love, but it also been quite daunting for many to date and keep the spark alive while maintaining social distancing and lockdown rules. Dating sites and apps have reported that the number of users and subscribers has grown significantly since the first quarter of 2021. It’s no surprise that many singles are embracing online dating due to these unforeseen life circumstances. To help spice things up in your socially distanced dating or long-distance relationship, here are some fun virtual date ideas that will help bridge the gap.


1. Watch movies and TV shows together

This is already most people’s favorite thing to do, especially during lockdown. A movie date is a great way to spend time with your date and take a break from talking about each other. Since the pandemic, movie streaming services have now become more innovative. You can stream your movies and TV shows with your date at the same time using the Netflix Party or Scener chrome extension. Pretty cool huh? This date idea would make your bond with your date better while feeling at home.

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2. Play multiplayer games online

Gaming is an exciting and fun activity to do from the comfort of your home. You’d be surprised how much you’d actually enjoy doing this with your date. There are so many two-player virtual games on your PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or even mobile devices you can play with your date, some to build up teamwork while some to explore your date’s competitiveness.

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3. Cook the same meal, apart

You don’t have a be good at cooking to enjoy a cooking date. You don’t even have to like it! But doing it with a date? That you’ll have lots of fun doing- minus the dishwashing. Decide on the same meal to prepare individually while on a video call. Buy the same ingredients and start at the same time. Live out your reality cooking show dreams. Put your cooking and plating skills to the test by uploading the photos of your dishes on social media and asking friends to vote on which looks better.

Fun Virtual Date Ideas
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4. Virtual Escape Room

Just like movie streaming apps, several real-life escape rooms are now offering people virtual alternatives at the comfort of their homes. So, why not put you and your date’s teamwork and puzzle-solving solving skills to the test and have fun at the same time? Can you break out of an abandoned laboratory or prison? Find exciting virtual escape rooms at Escape Live or Escape Game Events.

Fun Virtual Date Ideas
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5. Have an apartment show and tell

This is a great virtual date idea to learn more about each other. Give your date a virtual tour of your apartment and learn how they live as well. What’s their most timeless possession? What do their refrigerator and eating habits look like? What is their favorite room at home? This can be really fun, and you can spice up things up, by doing a naughty “show-and-tell” dress-ups.

Fun Virtual Date Ideas
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