5 Garage Gym Ideas to Never Miss a Workout

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, home improvement project activity has increased in over 50% of US homeowners. Makes sense, right? If people are stuck at home, why not make it the best it can be?

And with that kind of ambition, why not pursue improving yourself in the process? With 2022 starting and no end to the pandemic in sight, it’s time to build that garage home gym.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best garage gym ideas that will improve your home and your health, so read on!


5 Garage Gym Ideas to Never Miss a Workout


1. The Shared-Garage Setup

Look, over 20% of gyms have closed their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And even if you’re working with limited space, that doesn’t mean your garage home gym can’t meet your needs.

When evaluating a small space, it’s important to maximize the versatility of your equipment. A versatile rack, one that offers a number of settings whether you’re sitting, standing, or laying down, is essential.

Should your space allow it, getting a set of free weights and a jump rope will meet your needs well.

2. The Single-Car Setup

Maybe you’ve got a two-car garage and only one car, or maybe you live in a climate where you don’t need to stow your vehicle. Whatever the case, a single car garage has ample space for a true home-gym experience.

Love cardio? You can easily fit a treadmill or a bike in here. You can even get a Peloton if that’s your thing.

We’d recommend getting some home gym mats to cover the floor. It’ll keep the garage warmer during the cold months and will be far more comfortable for doing core exercises.

If your garage isn’t heated/cooled and your area experiences extreme temperature shifts, get cheap gym equipment that you won’t feel bad about wearing out.


5 Garage Gym Ideas to Never Miss a Workout


3. The Two-Car Combo

Some build woodworking stations, while others like to get fit. And if you’re committed to toning, the additional space will serve you well.

Investing in a quality home gym set of dumbells, an adjustable bench, and a weight rack will make the space feel comfortable and cohesive. Constantly running out of water? Add a sink to keep hydrated.

4. The Full-Gym Experience

If you’ve got the garage gym equipment down and want to make your garage a gym-Mecca for neighbors and friends, then listen up.

Invest in quality flooring, cooling, and heating for your garage. This means you’ll need HVAC work. It’s a good idea to have the floor coated in an epoxy resin, to help preserve it and prevent damage should weights fall on it.

5. The Portable Garage Home Gym

Have an already in-use garage or have other cool garage man cave ideas in mind? No problem.

Pack portable weights, mats, towels, and water bottles for when you need to run. There are awesome adjustable free weights that pack tight together for easy transport but can be used for numerous different exercises.

They fit snug in a corner of the garage, or keep them in a to-go bag in addition to your garage gym equipment.


5 Garage Gym Ideas to Never Miss a Workout


The Best Garage Gym Ideas

Go forth and make the most of your at-home garage gym. If you’re a recent homeowner, start with cheap gym equipment and work your way up to better, more intense machines and gear.

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