5 Great Housewarming Gifts for First Time Homeowners

If you ask most people who live in their own homes, they’ll tell you one thing in common. Nothing is more joyous than finally being your own landlord. When they’ve just moved into the residence, new homeowners will often host a housewarming party, inviting friends, colleagues, and friends over, who often come with various kinds of gifts meant for the host.

Have you been invited to a first-time homeowner’s housewarming and don’t have a clue on the kind of gift to get them? Read on to discover five options your host will most likely love and appreciate.


5 Great Housewarming Gifts for First Time Homeowners


1. A Live Houseplant or Flowers 

Nothing can “warm” a new house more than a lovely bouquet of colorful, nice-smelling flowers. The host will appreciate the floral gift even more if the flower arrangement matches their home decor style. And that’s not all!

Houseplants also make great housewarming gifts, especially since they brighten up any space and make it livelier. From succulents to money trees, there’s a wide range of indoor plants to choose from when you want to send a green pal to your housewarming host who just moved into their first home.

2. Gift Them with Some Bedding 

We all know it’s impossible to be truly comfortable without great bedroom furniture, a cozy mattress, and other bedding. From bed sheets to duvets, blankets, and pillow covers, bedding items are among the possessions you can never get enough of. This is why they make awesome gifts for a first-time homeowner hosting housewarming.

For instance, a nice bed in any color with plush fabrics, or a gorgeous bedspread in muted colors are great items to give to someone moving into their first home. When picking bedding gifts, it is best to ensure they can be easily installed in the space available. With this in mind, bedroom fabrics like bedspreads tend to be a safer option.


5 Great Housewarming Gifts for First Time Homeowners


3. A Nice Set of Dishes

If your friend is hosting a housewarming party, there’s a big chance they love having guests over from time to time. Well, indoor parties, like many other parties, often involve serving the guests meals, treats, and beverages.

This is why kitchenware makes a great housewarming gift, anytime any day. What’s more, nice dish sets can always help elevate home décor if displayed creatively in the kitchen or dining area.

4. A Nicely Framed Picture

This is one of those classical gifts for housewarming. It could be a photo of the new homeowner holding the house they just bought. It’s a perfect way to showcase how lucky the new homeowner is to be starting a new life. And if you want to make it extra special, use an ornate frame and ensure the photo is accompanied by a custom message.

5. Get Them a New Appliance

When moving into a new house, it is not uncommon to find the need to update or upgrade certain things, including appliances. If you want to go the extra mile, get them something practical like an appliance or kitchenware in a neutral color.

However, this one works best if you know the person’s tastes and preferences, or perhaps you’ve been to their home and figured out the kind of appliance they would actually need. It could be a dishwasher, a toaster, an electric kettle, or even a water filter! The list of options is literally endless here.

Knowing what to get for a gift at a housewarming can be quite a challenge. This is especially if you don’t know the host well enough to know what they’d fancy the most. Luckily, there’s a chance you’ll find something that appeals to the recipient from the above suggestions.

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