5 Habits to Help Grow Your Hair: Recommended Hair Growth Essentials

Let’s face it! Nearly all women are very conscious of their hair length. I wanted to have short hair when I have long hair, and I wanted to have long hair when I have short hair. I’m sure many females (males also) would like to know how to speed up hair growth so that everyone can make it through the awkward middle length phase. What effective hair shampoos or hair treatments are available on the market? Here, we’ve put together 5 habits to help grow your hair and some recommended hair growth essentials.


Habits to Help Grow Your Hair


Firstly, the following will explain all kinds of hair growth myths for you.

Female hair loss symptoms are different from men

According to a survey, men’s hair loss is often greater than women’s, about 25% of men have the chance to become partially bald or bald after middle age (the cause for hair loss is mostly genetic); compared with men’s, women’s hair loss symptoms are hair loses its volume, the forehead especially and the top of the head are more noticeable, and the hairline will recede and become higher and higher.


Habits to Help Grow Your Hair


Born with thin hair? Tips for easy hair growth

Most people could naturally lose about 30 to 100 strand hairs a day, this is completely normal. However, if your hair loss is very serious and persistent, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. I once heard that combing through your hair 100 times a day can speed up hair growth, but this statement has no scientific basis.

Excessive combing can actually increase the chances of hair loss. 20 to 30 strokes through your hair daily is enough for healthy hair. When combing the hair, you should comb the knots at the ends of the hairs first, and then slowly, start moving up in increments and comb from top to bottom. Refrain from pulling and tugging on your hair from the roots when combing out knots.

  1. Is your hair growing too slow? First, understand the hair growth cycle

Each person’s hair growth rate is different, it is influenced by one’s daily intake of nutrients and hair care habits. There is also a cycle for hair growth, which includes a growth period, a degeneration period, and a rest period. The average lifespan of each hair is approximately one to four years. Eventually, it will naturally fall out and new hair will grow in the same position.

The average rate of growth of a person is about 0.3 to 0.4mm per day. If the scalp is healthy, it can grow about 1cm a month. It is conceivable that if you want to go through a short hair retention period, it takes about one to two years.


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  2. Washing your hair

To aid hair growth, the most basic thing you can do is to change your hair washing habits. If your hair is not very oily, you don’t need to shampoo it every day (especially people with dry scalps), instead, wash your hair every other day to retain moisture in your hair. When washing your hair, avoid applying shampoo directly to your scalp. Lather in the palm, and then gently massage the scalp.

This will help promote blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. After finishing with shampoo and conditioner, you can run your hair through with cold water for 3 to 5 seconds. Coldwater can effectively shrink and close the hair follicles and stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, this can help reduce hair loss.


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3. How to effectively speed up hair growth? The easiest is to trim your hair regularly

You would think you shouldn’t trim your hair often if you’re trying to grow your hair out? I’m afraid not. It is recommended that you trim your hair every 10 to 12 weeks. Although this does not significantly accelerate hair growth, it cuts off damaged hair ends, reduces split ends, and maintains a healthy state for your hair to grow. 

4. Natural ways to aid hair growth

Does ginger aid hair growth?


Habits to Help Grow Your Hair


Ingesting sufficient protein is the key to women’s hair growth.

There are many home remedies for hair growth, such as shampooing with ginger which is said to help stimulate blood circulation and accelerate hair growth. But in fact, ginger only has an anti-inflammatory effect, which has little effect on hair growth; and the use of ginger directly on the scalp is very irritating, and it is more likely to cause sensitive inflammation and damage to hair follicles.

80% of our hair is made of keratin. To grow hair effectively, dietitians point out that protein and complex carbohydrates are the keys to maintaining a healthy hair growth cycle. Eat more protein on weekdays (adults are recommended to intake 45 to 55 grams of protein per day), such as chicken, eggs, fish, legume products and almonds are also good hair growth foods.

In addition, you can also increase the intake of iron and zinc by eating more spinach, celery, and leek, these all help in promoting hair growth and maintaining a beautiful color.


Habits to Help Grow Your Hair


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5. Use shampoo, hair essence, or supplements that help hair grow

In addition to ingesting more protein, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, and amino acids all help with hair growth and increase hair elasticity and shine. If you want to strengthen the hair, it is best to use internal and external methods.

The following hair shampoos and hair essences are all good products for hair growth and hair care recommended by fellow netizens. 

La Biosthetique Vibrant Softening Shampoo $200/250ml

Using pure natural active ingredients, organic ginseng saponin ingredients, it effectively cleanses hair and scalp and, effectively prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.


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Ayuan’s Shampoo Series

Ayuan’s shampoo series combines traditional Chinese medicine and natural plant-based essential oil ingredients, and it does not contain silicon spirit, essence, and pigment, which effectively improves the state of the scalp. This kind of medicine shampoo contains a large number of ginsenosides, which can infuse the scalp with nutrients and strengthen hair, which naturally reduces hair loss.


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Phyto Phytonovathrix Anti-Hair Loss Essence $1,200/12 bottles x 3.5ml

This anti-hair loss and hair growth essence are recommended to be used three times a week. It contains 4 kinds of natural plant extracts such as celery seeds, purple tulips, and skullcap extracts. It also prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. It also pushes the hair life cycle from the rest period to the growth period. The hair growth is very noticeable! 

ss Habits to Help Grow Your Hair

GlashVista Hair Growth Fluid

Many celebrities have recommended GlashVista hair growth fluid. This product is US FDA approved. It uses rich natural plant extracts which can provide nutrients for fragile hair and accelerate hair growth. New growth is also healthier and stronger.


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Another highly recommended treatment is the 50-Hair Hair Essence, which contains 50 precious nourishing ingredients including ginseng, silkworm sand, Burnet, hyaluronic acid, and medicine, these ingredients promote hair growth, increase hair density and reduce hair loss And slow down white hair growth.

Habits to Help Grow Your Hair: Leave us a comment below and let us know about your hair growth journey/struggles. What method or products has aided your hair growth so far?


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