5 Home Improvement Ideas for Total Makeover

Choosing a house is one of those decisions you usually prepare for as you want to go through that hustle-and-bustle only once. You select your ideal nest based on several criteria, such as the location itself, the style of the house, the neighborhood, the number of rooms, etc. When you find the perfect match and start living there, the first months or sometimes years seem ideal for you. However, gradually you begin noticing that you would like to change something here and there to boost the aesthetics of your residence. This article is meant to guide you through five ideal areas for quick and long-lasting home improvement.



So far, the most representative part of your house for everybody: for you, for your family members, for the guests. Compared to the job hunting process, the appearance of your entrance is the elevator pitch. It has only a few seconds to make the best first impression it can which will later condition the attitude and the mood someone enters the house with.

Given this, you can start by trying to understand the options to customize your entrance based on your preferences and style. Some people are fond of millwork designs, while others prefer something modern, related to their profession or field of interest. One more thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the door and its frame share the same style. You want your entrance to emphasize all the thought and effort that has been put into customizing it, don’t you?


Most houses have a fireplace as it still references coziness and comfort: something that everyone wants to find at home. For that reason, the fireplace needs special attention as it usually gathers the family around. People still follow their instincts of gathering around the fire the same way that the cave-dweller would do to feel protected and warm.

You can take the impact of the energy of fire, the pleasant sound, and the image that it makes to the next level by upgrading the fireplace and its design. Think of ways to change the colors or the materials of the fireplace itself or its screen. Also, don’t forget to thoroughly clean the fireplace itself before any renovation to avoid dust and ashes in the paint that you will apply.


Home Improvement



Every house can either benefit from or lose because of lighting. If installed properly, the lighting will only highlight the beautiful parts of the house or even make the rooms look larger. If not installed correctly, it can deem the design and all the over-the-top furnishing solutions that you have used.

Make sure that the chandelier or the separate lights you want to choose go along with the overall design of your room. Also, pay attention to how the lighting can enhance the person’s experience in that room for reading, working, or cooking purposes, for example. Also, don’t forget that you can install lighting outside. It can be both in the form of romantic street lamps or stick-in-the-ground pathway lighting for a more exciting experience.


It’s not a surprise that there is an expression “a window of opportunity” because this area of your house can offer endless opportunities to experiment. If the entrance is how the world sees you, the windows are how you will see the world. So it’s your responsibility to make sure that every day you observe the beauty of the world from the right windows when you wake up.

Some people are now opting for chic panoramic windows. Of course, they can expose more than you want, but they are also a fantastic way to see the surrounding nature in full, not clipped and framed. If you are not into this trend, think about improving the appearance of the frame itself. There are so many ways to do it: install new frames, change their color, or add some accessories. Last but not least, you can add window boxes with your favorite flowers or plants.


Save the best for last! All of the above lose their importance if your house is surrounded by neglected grass or some bushes here and there. As that land is part of your territory, it is vital to professionally take care of it and make it look welcoming and fresh all year long. The turf acts for the house the same way as petals do for the flower. They highlight the beauty of the flower and distinguish it from others.

You may say that both petals and grass can wilt. That will be partially true as now there is an abundance of synthetic turf available, which offers many benefits. It stays evergreen, requires no drainage, saves money and resources, and makes your house look like it’s spring in the cold wintertime. Also, the good thing about synthetic grass is that you need to install it once, and it will serve you many years ahead. This way, you will both improve the appearance of your residence and feel calm about it regardless of the weather.


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