5 Home Staging Tips to Guarantee a Quick Sale

If you’re thinking of selling your home, now is the time to do it! In March of 2021, single-family homes that sold jumped to 20.7%. That’s an annual rate of 1021 thousand. When you’re selling your house, you might wonder what you can do to lead to a quick sale. We’ve got you covered. This article will take a look at the top home staging tips to guarantee a quick sale. Read on to explore these tips and have a sale before you know it!


Why Stage Your Home?

When you’re staging your home, you’re inviting potential buyers in to imagine themselves living on the property. It’s also a way to fix any problems that your home has. Potential buyers don’t want to see all of the problems that a home has since that can deter the sale.


5 Home Staging Tips to Guarantee a Quick Sale

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1. Curb Appeal

While carpet cleaning and your home’s interior looking clean are important, your home’s curb appeal is as well. You can rent a pressure washer to remove grime and dirt from your roof, fascia, gutters, and siding. Consider painting the shutters and door a bright color to stand out.

Replace the welcome mat, mailbox, lighting, and house numbers. Get out there and plant different flowers and plants depending on the weather.

2. De-Personalize

When you’re in the selling process, you’ll want to de-personalize the space. This is because you want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves living in your home. Take down any framed photos and other personal touches.

Clear bathroom counters that have personal items including toothbrushes. Store your clothes away and out of sight.

3. Remove Clutter

Are you asking yourself “how do I sell my house fast?” When selling a home, you’ll want to make space by clearing up clutter. This will also make your home feel bigger as well.

Remove any clothes or other items that are taking up space. Potential buyers will be taking a look at extra storage options so it’s important to have an open and clear space.

4.Clean Your Home

A clean home represents a well taken care of home. Clean your entire home including the ceiling and floors.

Make sure that all appliances are clean as well. This includes cleaning items that you don’t think they’ll see.

5. Fresh Is Important

When selling a house, make sure that you have some potted plants to freshen up the environment. For a space with many plants, space them out so they don’t cause an overwhelming feeling.

Keep your plants dust-free and healthy. Any dead plants shouldn’t be kept.

Any leftover odors need to be removed as well. Consider candles that you can light to remove any scents.

Exploring Different Home Staging Tips

Now that you’ve explored this guide on home staging tips, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Take your time preparing your home before you have potential buyers walkthrough.

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