5 Ideas on Making Your Bedroom a Functional Workspace

With the world-changing, technology advancing and more people working from home, carving out a beautiful and functional workspace has never been more important. Workers are finding niches in their homes, like part of a bedroom, to make creative workspaces.

The challenge is the bedroom is supposed to be a place of rest, but how do you rest when you’re staring at a messy, unkempt workspace that has your mind zooming at a hundred-miles-an-hour just looking at it?


1. Rethink Your Sleeping Space

How attached are you to that firm mattress you have right now? Could you recycle your mattress and consider some truly creative options instead? Or, you could take that plush or firm mattress and use it in different and truly creative ways to get that workspace you so badly need.

Murphy Beds

These are a truly great option when you’d like to have a room turn into a multi-functional space. There are many options with Murphy beds today; the options are truly endless:

  • Fold up and away into a large cabinet
  • Roll up into a vertical space
  • Fold up with a couch
  • Fold up with a small desk
  • Fold out that looks like a credenza
  • And those that fold down with slide apart shelving/

Loft Beds

These give you not only a super space-saving sleeping option but also give you a beautiful space to have a little home office. There are no limits to the creative options with loft beds:

  • You can set up a desk space under it with shelving options on one side.
  • You could also put in a sleeper sofa to one side for an extra bed when family comes calling, as they always tend to do.
  • You could also create the space to be huge extra storage. Just close it in and create the closet of your dreams, with a raised platform to the side. Underneath, more storage! On top, a smart desk space!
  • Or, even create a built-in chest of drawers on one side facing into the room and on the inside, you can still have your workspace.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget bookshelves. That space beneath just screams for bookshelves. There are a million creative ideas for that space, you just have to find what works for you.

Day Beds

Day beds can offer not only a useful sleeping space but they cleverly turn into a couch turning the day. This can also offer you the opportunity to use a firm mattress for comfortable sleeping and not lose any sitting comfort during the day.

2. Create a Visible Barrier Between Sleeping and Working Spaces

You definitely need a “zone” to work away from your sleeping area and the best way to do that is to divide the space. After all, you don’t want to be “that” person who checks emails in the middle of the night. Use a physical barrier between your bedroom and your workspace:

  • Curtains. Curtains are easily installed and even easier to use. Just draw the curtain when your workday is over. Out of sight, out of mind!
  • Multi-purpose furniture. These don’t have to be expensive either. Just hop down to the nearest discount store and buy some cube units and shelf units. Get some pretty baskets to store those unsightly office supplies, and you’re good to go.
  • Folding Screens/room dividers. You can seriously get inspired by some of the folding screens that are on the market these days. Put a couple of those together and it will hide your office space from your bedroom space with gorgeous pizzazz! Look into a Japanese folding screen called Byōbu (屏風) (lit., “wind wall”). These screens have beautifully done calligraphy and painting used specifically for separating interior spaces.

3. Use a Closet

Office, what office? Transform that messy walk-in closet into a cozy home office just for you. You can just shut the door when you’re done for the day, and no one would even know an office was there. Absolutely no visual impact whatsoever. Another option could be to remove the doors and install those full-length draperies where you can hide the workspace when you’re not using it. If you have a budget, you could consider using a barn-style door to slide closed. Very stylish!

4. Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a very sleek and modern look, lending itself well to a more minimalist style. Turn one into a floating desk and you have an instant office. All you really need is your laptop, right? This style would work especially well in a room with wall-to-wall windows or one that is very short on space.

5. Organize Your Workspace

The bane of every office’s existence is clutter. How are you supposed to be brilliant at your desk when all you see is clutter everywhere?

  • Cable organizers: Cords be gone! Cable organizers do a great job of keeping those unsightly cords contained and out-of-sight.
  • Creative storage solutions: Baskets, floating shelves, and vertical dish organizers are perfect for file folders. Decorative pots and just about anything that can contain air has storage potential. I’ve used kitchen canisters to store office supplies. Flour, sugar, coffee, tea, now hold different items you use in your work. A cute, tiny flower pot can do double duty as a paper clip holder. A hollow ottoman works wonders for a place to sit and a place to store items.

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