5 Important Tips to Improve Outdoor Garden Drainage

When you have a garden in your yard, you probably are aware that you will need to provide it with irrigation and that it will need some care each day. Providing water and other necessities to your garden is simple to accomplish in most cases. However, the drainage that is needed to take care of excess water runoff is sometimes forgotten.

People who add gardens to their homes usually only think about the water that the plants will need and do not consider what will happen to excess water that runs off the garden. Depending on the location of your garden, the volume of water that you are dealing with might vary as well based on precipitation.

If you have a garden and you need to improve the drainage that supports it, you need to read on!


Important Tips to Improve Outdoor Garden Drainage


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1.       Add Compost

One of the best ways to make your soil hold onto water more effectively is to add compost to it. This can solve small water runoff concerns and can help you save money when you are watering your garden each day. Organic matter of all kinds can improve this sort of drainage need and you can choose to add bark or another kind of material as well if you want to avoid compost.

When you make the soil more capable of holding onto moisture, you will not lose most of the water that you put on your garden to runoff. This can also greatly improve the health of your soil and help your plants get the nutrients that they need more easily.

Your unique soil might demand a specific kind of compost to make a big difference in the drainage situation. You can easily look up the recommended kinds of compost mixes for each kind of soil and for each area of the country. Having the right additives in your garden can make all the difference in the drainage and the health of your plants.

2.       Add Trench Drains

There are many different styles of trench drain that can be installed in and around your garden to attend to water runoff. Trench drains come in many sizes and they can be covered with high-quality covers that will prevent soil and bark from falling into the trench and clogging the drain.

These drains can be connected to the rest of your existing drainage around your home or you might need to install some catch basins and other additional features to make sure that the runoff that you are collecting gets moved off your property and does not cause problems in other parts of the yard.


5 Important Tips to Improve Outdoor Garden Drainage


3.       Create a Pond

Ponds can be the perfect solution for your standing water issues and you can have a pond designed that has its own plant life and even things like fish in it! Ponds can be a great and stylish way to handle runoff that would otherwise be ruining your lawn or causing issues with flooding in other parts of your yard.

Ponds can be made in many different ways and your goals for the kinds of plant life and fish that you might want to add will help determine how big your pond should be. You will also need to find out if you are going to need a pump to cycle the water so that the pond does not become a haven for mosquitos.

4.       Tile Drains

Underground drain tiles can sometimes be the only solution for certain soil types. Drain tiles can be placed in many kinds of soils and you can use them for large areas with ease. You will want to make sure that these tiles can be installed at the correct depth in your specific soil type as well.

This is a job for a professional, but it can make a big difference in the moisture content of your soil. You will find that widespread flooding is best controlled with this kind of drainage solution. This can be a little costly, but the end result is a much more stable yard and garden that is not impacted by flooding and standing water.


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5.       Add Water Plants

Sometimes the best way to control some of the runoff in your yard is to add water-loving plants to the areas that tend to get marshy. This does not totally alleviate the problem of the standing water, but water-loving plants can create a beautiful marshy location that looks really nice. If you do not want to have to build additional drainage solutions into your garden, you can choose to allow the wet spot in your yard or garden to become its own beautiful space.

Water-loving plants can usually handle some variety in the amount of moisture that they receive each day as well, so this can be a good solution for the occasional wet time during the year. So long as the soil stays relatively moist for most of the summer or the dry part of the year, you will be able to keep water-loving plants happy and healthy in your yard.


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Improving Outdoor Drainage Can Be Easier Than You Think

When you have a tough runoff situation to tackle, there are many ways that you can funnel the water away from your garden. You can install trench drains with quality covers or you might choose to make a pond that will collect the runoff effectively. Tile drains, as well as water gardens, are also really excellent choices to make if you are struggling with a wet garden or standing water in your yard.

When you have been struggling with standing water that you really wish was not an issue it can seem like the only solutions available will take a lot of time and effort to install. In reality, most of the solutions that can alleviate the runoff problem in your yard are quite simple and might only require some initial costs to get them in place. Being able to take care of standing water with ease is more affordable and accessible than you might have thought.

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