5 Important Trends to Watch in Sports Nutrition Supplements

It’s not a secret anymore how nutrition plays a major role in every sports person’s health. At the basic level, sports nutrition supplements play an important role in achieving and maintaining good health. However, they can also help an athlete in many other ways.

For instance, sportspeople can now make up for the limited nitric oxide production in the body by taking nitric oxide supplements. Sports nutrition is also an industry experiencing rapid growth, with proteins and energy gels being the commonly used supplements. The continued ingredient innovations and more product launches in sports health have pushed sports nutrition even further.

Sports Nutrition Supplements

Trends to Watch in Sports Nutrition Supplements

Over the past years, supplements were only common with a select number of sportspeople, such as bodybuilders and weight lifters. However, the trend has changed significantly, with a wide variety of sportspeople embracing their use alongside their diets. These supplements have also seen major trends involving their use and preferences. Some of these trends include;

1. Animal Proteins are Set to Dominate

Sports nutrition research has long revealed that common animal proteins such as whey effectively deliver amino acids and other muscle recovery nutrients. Plant-based protein compares less in this spectrum. Therefore, this points to a higher preference for animal proteins, especially those with muscle-building ingredients.

However, it may be early to rule out herbal nutrition supplements such as soy and pea. Their growing popularity in sports nutrition means they are worthy alternatives. It may not take long before they become favorites, given there’s a growing number of sportspeople seeking herbal nutrition supplements as options.

2. The Power of Ratings and Reviews is Yet Again set for a Major Role

Sports nutrition products are increasingly advertised and bought over the Internet, with an expected thrive in reviews and online ratings. These reviews and ratings are set to open and shape the market reputation for many supplements. 

This will ultimately translate to sales, with highly rated and reviewed nutrients getting a bigger chunk of the market. It’s safe to say this will determine the success or failure of many sports nutrition supplements’ brands.

3. The Natural and Clean Label Supplements May Experience a Boom  

The clean label tag has long been thriving in sports nutrition, thanks to a reputation of using a small set of ingredients and the delivery of optimum nutrition supplements. They are known for their optimal value to a sports person’s health.

Equally, we should expect more supplements going herbal, as they have a growing appeal to the consumer market. The increasing concern of ingesting human-made substances means it could be only a matter of time before herbal nutrition supplements experience a boom.

4. Health Conditions Will Have an Influence

Most sportspeople are now looking at supplements to manage health conditions. With a high prevalence of health problems such as cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, there’s an expected shift to healthier supplements.

We should expect choices of nutrition supplements that do not aggravate health conditions or prevent healing. Supplements that lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and strengthen bones will experience higher demand. 

5. Branched Chain Amino Acid Are Set for New Heights

BCAAs are a vital component of nutritional supplements used for muscle building. Their high ratings, among other ingredients in sports nutrition, are set to remain dominant. BCAAs promote protein synthesis, enhance athletic performance, and promote lean muscle growth.

BCAA-based supplements have strengthened the success of many sports nutrition brands.  Most of the informed sportspeople understand the efficacy of BCAAs. Their less caloric content means health-conscious sportspeople will prefer them to other proteins such as whey.

Final Thought

There are varied reasons why sportspeople and other normal consumers turn to the uptake of supplements. Regardless of the motive, the above trends involving sports nutrition supplements are just an eye-opener in what’s expected. There are more expected evolutions of nutrition supplements aimed at accommodating every shift, either in preference or demand. What do you think about this topic? Please share it with us in the comments.

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