5 Incredible Tips for Decorative Concrete Finishes: Concrete Suppliers

Since a lot of renovators and homebuilders engage in unique trends for a great look, you may want to use the best concrete finish for your office or home. If you are a home builder, make sure you decide on that little touch to impress your guests. In this article, we are going to talk about different decorative concrete finishes so you can make the best choice.


Exposed Aggregate

This type of finish is commonly used for durability and classy look. Basically, this finish is achieved by creating a mixture of different sizes and colors of stones. Then it’s left exposed once a retardant is added in order to protect the surface. Finally, the top layer is removed to get a natural look.


Decorative Concrete Finishes


There are two types of Exposed Aggregate

Seeded: If you are worried about how your aggregate looks, you can choose a seeding aggregate option. This process requires the addition of the aggregate to the concrete once it’s laid. Apart from this, it can allow you to add glow stones or features stone to hone the decor even more.

Standard: This is a common finish and allows you to mix the aggregate in the cement first. So, it offers a natural, organic look for your home. But the problem is that it requires you to create a balance between the two elements for durability.

Quick, Flexible, and Attractive

The good thing about honed aggregate is that it’s quite common as a flooring material for pool areas and driveways. Actually, it’s a combo of different materials and the process requires grinding the surface and polishing it using quality abrasives in order to get a flat and smooth surface.

So, you get a mosaic-type design that comprises numerous colors and stones. The good thing about this choice is that it’s quite versatile for both indoor and outdoor areas like home flooring, feature walls, and benchtops.


Polished concrete is a low-cost and sustainable finish. This is the reason it is quite popular among renovators and home builders. You can get an elegant and refined look for the same appeal you can get with marble or granite. You can get this finish in a lot of designs, which is why it’s an ideal choice for the bathroom, kitchen, and internal flooring. So, versatility is a great benefit.

Cooler Outdoor Living

The good thing about these decorative finishes is that they are natural and affordable options for hot conditions. Apart from this, liquid limestone is quite popular among Australians for its pool surroundings, outdoor livings areas, and driveways.

Made of additives, limestone, and concrete, liquid limestone features an attractive color that you can use for your home. So, it can complement other areas in your house. Aside from this, you can color, refine, and texture it further to get its natural look. And you don’t need to worry about weeds stuck in the gaps.

Natural Stones Versus Decorative Concrete

Many luxury houses have pavements and driveways made of natural stones, like granite, cobblestones, and slates. However, natural stones are expensive because they have rare sources, unlike in the past. Additionally, there are environmental concerns about using natural stones in building houses and commercial establishments.

If natural stones are too expensive for you, stamped concrete installation is perfect for you. Stamped concrete is economical and practical nowadays, making it an excellent alternative to natural stone. Moreover, it’s durable, versatile, and readily available.

So, availing of concrete services will be a good idea. Many stamped concrete professionals can offer different options, depending on the look you want to attain. They will also come up with the best design that complements your home’s theme. For instance, they can make your driveway or pavement look like brick, natural stone, or parquet by using dyed or colored concrete. You can even request a unique stamped concrete design to make your outdoor living space stunning.

When choosing a concrete supplier and decorative concrete contractor, go for one with years of experience and a good portfolio. Reputable suppliers and contractors provide product and service guarantees, giving their customers the assurance they need. As you search for one, read customer testimonials or reviews to find out if the company is legitimate and trustworthy.

In short, if you are looking for decorative concrete finishes, you can try out the type of finishes listed in this article. Hope this helps.

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