5 Incredible Tips for Designing Children’s Party Invites

Planning a kid’s birthday party can be tasking as it is important to them that the party goes as planned. Are you on a tight budget? You can skip hiring a freelance graphic designer and create the party invites yourself. Designing children’s party invites can be a fun DIY project that you will most likely enjoy doing, so get your creative juices flowing!

You don’t have to have any technical knowledge or design skills to do this like a pro. With a little knowledge under your belt, you will be able to get the job done. Without further ado, here are 5 incredible tips to create that envy-inducing party invite that will stand out to your guests.


1. Use a bright color scheme 

The first step in this creative project a deciding on the color palette and theme of the invite. There are lots of places you can draw inspiration from such as Pinterest and Tumblr, and websites like Canva are great for creating invitations online. Incorporate fun and joyfulness with a vibrant and bright color scheme. Nothing looks better on children’s party invites than rainbow sprinkles.


Turquoise and Yellow Fun Photo Superhero Invitation 1 Designing Children's Party Invites


2. Source high-quality graphics

Graphics make all the difference when it comes to making party invites for kids. Just like other design elements, graphic are visual representation that plays an important role in communicating the details of the event and the overall look of your party invite. Unlike plain texts, graphics such as apple svg convey emotions and it’s a great way to connect with your invitees, so it important to choose the right ones when designing children’s party invites.

Not sure what graphics to use for your party invite? Check out the stethoscope svg collection for some inspiration.

3. Incorporate an engaging photography

This is a brainer when designing children’s party invites. Incorporate an engaging and high-quality photograph of the celebrant. Photography is a great way of making a party invite more intimate and personal. Choose your image wisely and if your budget allows, hire a professional photographer to take new professional photos for this purpose.


Designing Children's Party Invites

4. Add essential information

The wording of the party invite should be relatively simple. Having an aesthetically pleasing invitation design and clever wording is great but keep in mind that the purpose of an invite is to inform people of the event and what/who you are celebrating. Getting the wrong could be a major party disaster. A child’s party invitation should include the child’s name (written in bold fonts), type of party, venue, date and time, and dress code (if applicable).

5. Experiment with an existing template

There are tons of incredible free templates online to experiment with. To find existing templates you can edit according to your preference and party specifics, go to InVideo or Canva or BeFunky’s Graphic Designer and select the “choose a template” option.

Every element such as background, typography, and images in an existing template can be replaced on these platforms. If you don’t find the right template for your event, don’t be dismayed, just be creative!



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