5 Interior Design Secrets to Make Your Room Look Cohesive

Spending time in a well-integrated house can be the best feeling ever. Each room looks appealing and enticing to spend time in with no disruptions. Everything looks neat and orderly, which creates a cohesive look in every corner of the house. However, if you’ve ever tried making your house look cohesive, you know that it is not always easy as it appears. Whether you own a new home or you want to improve the style of your current home, you need to understand tips to make your home appear cohesive. Below are some interior design secrets you can implement.


1. Choose Color Scheme for the Rooms

The overall color personality of your home matters a lot. A good color choice can help you create a consistent connection from one room to another. The colors can vary per room or item, but you should always ensure that it creates an appealing look.

Some people think that mixing many colors will create a cohesive look. But this may not be true. You can use fewer colors and still make your home appealing. For instance, if you choose blue throw pillows for your sofa in the living room, you can use the same color for kitchen rugs.

If possible, choose between 3 to 5 color themes for different items in each room. If you want to add more items such as prehung interior doors, plants, and wood finishes, ensure they match your home’s architectural finishing to create a cohesive look.

Interior Design Secrets

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2. Define the Style for Your Home

While you may have many rooms in your home, it is best to define each room’s functions. This will help you know what to include in each room. You do not have to create styles that you may have seen somewhere else. But you need to know what fits each room according to your preferences and style.

For instance, mixing traditional chairs with modern coffee tables can create a mismatch, and you may not like the outcome. When arranging your rooms, create a common look and feel to create an intentional and cohesive look in your home. If you have a personal style in mind, go for it, although you may want to include a few elements to create a cohesive look.


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3. Arrange Your Furniture

Cluttered furniture can make your home appear messy and confusing. Once you define the functions of each room, consider arranging furniture and décor in the right places. Before you place furniture in the specific rooms, analyze the furniture size against the available space.

Placing bigger furniture in smaller rooms can make the house appear not only small but strange. First, begin by removing furniture that doesn’t fit in the rooms. If possible, purchase new pieces of furniture according to each room’s functions.

Sometimes, you may want to mix different seating sets, especially when manufacturers sell them that way. It may appear right for your home, but it won’t function well. You have several furniture options out there, and you only need to determine what you want to make the furniture space cohesive.


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4. Coordinated Flooring Can Make a Big Difference

If your home has different flooring colors and styles, it can appear chaotic and disconnected. Many people often think that this type of flooring makes the best option. But that is not true. If you want your floor to appear cohesive, consider using the same style and color for your tiles.

If the current flooring, especially the main floor, has a different plan, change it using the same design and color. However, you can decide to mix two or three tiles of different colors and designs in other rooms, such as the bedroom of storage rooms.


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5. Use Coordinating Frames for Photos

If you love displaying family pictures on the wall, consider using coordinating frames to make your home look organized and beautiful. The best places to place the family photos are walls, tabletops, and behind glass doors.

Avoid displaying the photos on cabinets. You can designate one gallery wall to place your family photos, and this can be in the bedroom or on the hallway wall.

Implementing the tips above can help you create a cohesive home that you will always look to after a busy day at work. Even if you’re working on a limited budget, you can use the little you have to change your home’s overall look and feel.


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