5 Items in Your Home That Require a Filter Change

From laundry to dishwashing to vacuuming, the housework to-do list is a long one. In fact, homeowners in the United States spend roughly 90 minutes a day trying to keep their houses clean. With so many tasks that are part of our regular routines, it can be easy to forget about the ones that occur on a monthly or yearly basis—including changing old filters. You might not even realize how many appliances around your house need a filter change, which is why we’ve put together this guide to let you know which ones do and how often they need replacing.


1. Air Conditioning Filters

When your air conditioning filters get old, they can’t keep the dirt and dust out of your house. Your AC is working harder than it needs to, and it’s driving up your electricity bill. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you could save up to 15% of your AC’s energy consumption when you regularly replace your air filters.

How often you change them depends on a handful of factors. If you have pets, allergies, or run your AC system frequently, then you’ll want to switch them out every couple of months. Otherwise, you can get away with buying new ones every six to twelve months.

2.  Fridge Filter

Those who get their drinking water from the fridge or have an ice maker in their freezer have filters that prevent you from consuming any harmful chemicals or particles. Generally speaking, you should replace them every six months. However, this list of refrigerator brands contains more information about which filters you should purchase and how long they last.

3. Range Hoods

The range hood is located above your stove and is responsible for removing all the smoke and air particles that fill the kitchen when you are cooking. It has a filter that you need to remove and handwash using hot water and dish soap. Because there’s likely a good amount of grease on there, it might need a soak and a good scrub.

4. Vacuum Filter

Like the air conditioning, the vacuum can no longer suck the dirt out of your floors when the filter needs replacing. How frequently you change it out depends on your vacuum’s brand and model. Check the manual or look online for this information.

5. Dryer Filter

Have you ever pulled your dryer filter out after a while and pulled off the thick layer of dust and debris? To avoid this build-up, you should clean the filter after running a load of laundry. It will also help prevent the lint from collecting in the dryer duct, which you should also clean every few months.

Maintain Appliances That Need a Filter Change

Let’s not forget about the appliances that need a filter change any more. Set a reminder on your calendar to ensure that you do so regularly. In doing so, your appliances will run more efficiently and do a better job keeping your home clean.

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