5 Key Signs of Serious Furnace Problems

Heating equipment such as furnaces is the leading cause of fires during winter months throughout America. One of the best ways to ensure that your furnace doesn’t destroy your home is to catch furnace problems early.

Furnace repairs are often cheap and easy if you catch problems early enough. To do so you will need to learn how to recognize some crucial signs of furnace issues so you can fix your broken furnace.

Heater problems like a broken HVAC unit come in many different shapes and sizes. Learn all about them right here with this handy guide to five signs of serious furnace problems.


1. Noise Related Furnace Problems

Strange noises can be an excellent indication of a faulty furnace. Listen for loud banging, popping, or grinding noises. A loud squeal can also be an indication that your furnace needs replacement or repair.

The best way to determine if the noises you hear coming from your furnace are a cause for concern is by contacting some reputable furnace repair services. A professional can come out, diagnose your problem, and fix it if necessary.

2. Your Furnace Won’t Shut Off

If your furnace constantly runs this is a cause for concern. Most furnaces cycle between being off and on to provide energy-efficient heat. The most common cause of a constantly running furnace is a broken thermostat.

Your house may also have an insulation leak or other heat-retention problem. For additional troubleshooting try making sure that all of your HVAC vents are open and check your furnace’s air filter.

3. Your Furnace Won’t Start

If your furnace won’t start and doesn’t produce any heat at all this is not a good sign. The entire unit may have failed or there may be a problem with a few small components. The only way to know for sure is to call a professional.

They can troubleshoot your furnace problems for you. If your furnace doesn’t work at all, it can leave you without heat until you get it fixed. In the harsh winter months, this can be a cause for alarm.

4. Strange Smells

A clean functional furnace will produce no smell at all. If you haven’t started your furnace for a while it is normal to smell some burning dust if you haven’t cleaned the exterior.

Beyond that, any strange smell is a cause for concern. Smells can indicate simple fixes such as a dirty air filter or more dangerous situations such as a gas leak. Either way, you should get them checked out by a professional.

5. Your Utilities Skyrocket

If there haven’t been any monumental temperature changes and you notice your utility bills skyrocketing, a faulty furnace could be the culprit. Call in a professional to assess what the problem is.

Analyzing your utility bills is one of the best ways to catch furnace problems early on before they become a big deal. Make sure to be vigilant and pay attention to any major spikes.

Catch Your Furnace Problems Early

If you catch your furnace problems early you can handle them before they become a big deal. Furnace failure is expensive and can be catastrophic. Don’t put yourself and your family at risk.

If you notice any of the five signs in this article make sure to act fast and get your furnace fixed at the hands of a professional. If you want to read some articles about other topics like this one make sure to check in with our site.

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