5 Key Things to Look For in a Commercial Cleaning Service

If you own a small business or commercial property, you’ve probably come to realize how difficult it is to keep things clean. Depending on what the building is used for, you could easily spend dozens of hours a week trying to keep up. Fortunately, there are professionals out there to do your commercial cleaning for you. They specialize in maintaining clean buildings for retail spaces, warehouses, medical practices, gyms, and more.

The question, then, is how to find the best commercial cleaning service for your building. We can help you with that. Keep reading for a quick guide on finding the right cleaning company.


1. Positive Client Reviews

As noted previously, commercial buildings are far from easy to keep clean. As such, look for a commercial cleaning company that has positive reviews from other building owners. Ideally, you should find reviews from people who have spaces like yours.

What do these business/property owners have to say about the cleaning service? Do they deliver solid results during each cleaning? Would the client recommend the cleaning service to other building/business owners?

2. Competitive Pricing

Finding a commercial cleaning company with positive reviews is essential, but only if you can afford them. Your next step is to reach out to the top commercial cleaning services on your list to get a free quote.

How much will each charge you for the same basic cleaning services? Are there any perks to choosing one company over the other?

If one company is more expensive, find out why they charge more. They may have better cleaning services, better customer reviews, etc.

3. Exceptional Cleaning Services

Clean buildings can make a huge difference in a business’s performance. This is especially true if the business’s clients and customers come to the location often. For example, a gym that is inadequately cleaned will start to lose members.

Therefore, when looking to hire a commercial cleaner, make sure they can handle the job at hand. If you don’t own generic office space, the commercial cleaning crew might not be able to handle it.

Find out what type of cleaning services they offer and if they specialize in cleaning spaces like yours. Check out Pristine Cleaning Services Of Georgia LLC for an example of an all-inclusive, competent cleaning company.


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4. Customer Satisfaction Guarantees

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a service is the company’s policy on customer satisfaction. Does the cleaning company use any form of quality control (on-site inspectors, managers, etc.)? How do they handle customer complaints?

If you’re not satisfied with the cleaners’ performance, what will the cleaning company do to make it right?

5. Licensing and Insurance

Finally, when hiring a company to clean buildings, you need to ensure they’re licensed and insured. A legitimate cleaning company will have a business license issued through the state.

A commercial building cleaning company should also carry insurance. Professional liability coverage will protect your business property and assets in the event of an accident. For instance, if a cleaner accidentally puts a broom handle through the screen of a computer monitor, the insurance policy will cover the costs to replace it.

Are Clean Buildings Important to You?

If clean buildings are important to you as a business or property owner, it’s imperative to find the right commercial cleaning company. Follow the guidance in this article to make the best choice and don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions.

And if you’re looking for more business or lifestyle advice, stick around for a while. Our blog is full of content created for people just like you. Read through some of our other articles before you go.



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