5 Keys to a Safer Home for Your Family

Are you concerned that you aren’t doing enough to protect your home from intruders? When more than 3,300 burglaries occur every day in the United States, that isn’t surprising. You can’t be too careful when it comes to home safety.

Luckily, there are many things you can do yourself to create a safer home for you and your family. Below are five essential tips that will help you improve your home’s safety measures.


1. Tidy Your Landscaping

Thieves don’t usually target homes at random. They scope homes they’re interested in to see if there are weaknesses. They do this by getting close and watching your home during the night.

If you have an overgrown landscape with places to hide, you’re making a burglar’s job easier. Trim your landscaping to remove hiding places to make it harder for someone to scope your home.

2. Secure Your Entry Points

The points of entry to your home may work fine at the moment, but that may not always be the case. It isn’t always enough to have locked doors and windows. If an intruder can compromise your entry points, locking things won’t make much difference.

Examine your entry points to see if there are any issues. Look for cracks, unhinged windows, and anything else an intruder can use to their advantage.


large SmartHomesIntercom Lead Keys to a Safer Home


3. Invest in Yard Lighting

The night is one of the most popular times for thieves to break into homes. Much of that is because it’s dark and hard to see.

That changes when you install lighting in your yard. Put motion sensor lighting around your entry points to light them up when someone approaches. That’s enough to scare some potential burglars away.

4. Install Security Cameras

If you really want to make it inconvenient for home invaders not to be seen, installing a home security system is necessary. Your home security devices will monitor the entry points to your home for movement. If they detect anything, they’ll let you know and contact the authorities.

Since being seen is one of the biggest deterrents against home theft, putting someone on camera will cause them to give your home a pass. Even if someone does try to risk a break-in, you’ll have them on camera for the police.


Technician installing CCTV Camera Keys to a Safer Home


5. Get a Home Inspection

While home break-ins may be a constant thought on your mind, there is more to consider regarding home safety. People often forget about home repair projects that will get more serious if left unchecked and create a hazard for the people inside your home.

A home inspection can let you know of any repairs you need to make immediately. Then you can get in touch with companies like Proformance Roofing and other repair services to get everything fixed.


It’s Within Your Grasp to Create a Safer Home

Even though home break-ins may not be common in your area, that doesn’t mean you should take it easy and not do everything you can to secure your home. Whether you try to deter crime before it happens or improve the safety of your house, take action today to ensure you have a safer home.

If you want to learn more tips that will help you keep up your home, check out more posts on the blog. You’ll find everything you need to help you make your home great.

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