5 Keys to Healthier Lawn Grass

Healthy grass is happy grass! During the summer months, homeowners use up to 70 percent of their water outside. Much of that gets applied to irrigation purposes for their lawns.

If you want a healthy lawn, there are some things you can do to make life easy on your greens. Keep reading for five keys to healthy grass!


1. Healthy Soil Leads to Healthy Grass

One of the lawn care basics is to start with good soil. Healthy soil will hold moisture which leads to retaining more nutrients. If you want to be sure you have healthy soil, you can do a test to find out.

A soil test will reveal which lawn fertilizer is best for your yard. Healthy soil will contain millions of tiny organisms that sustain a healthy lawn. You’ll also need some good grass seeds like those from msvlawn.com that can thrive in your organic soil.

2. Use Lawn Fertilizer

Using lawn fertilizer helps you get healthy grass as long as you read the instructions. Different brands will instruct you to use the product at varying times. You may also need to use various amounts depending on the season.

Lawn fertilizer can help to even out the grass and fill in some spots that aren’t as healthy. If you have automatic sprinklers, use some caution. Certain fertilizers work best with less moisture.


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3. Hire an Expert

Many people who want healthy grass don’t have the time to do the work. If your time becomes or stays limited, or you want someone who can help you achieve a healthy lawn, go with a prof.

A lawn care company deals with all kinds of grass and soil. These companies can help with weed control and applying the right lawn fertilizer.

4. Leave Some Length When Cutting

One of the lawn care basics some people miss is not cutting the lawn too short. Many of us think we need to lower the lawn mower blade and get the grass as close to the ground as possible.

Leaving a couple of inches will give you healthy grass because it doesn’t leave space for weeds to grow. When there are no weeds, you end up with more lush greens.

5. A Healthy Lawn Needs Water

If your lawn doesn’t get enough water, it will not look good. When your yard gets too dry the healthy grass will die.

If you realize that you forget to water your lawn, you can use automatic sprinklers. These can get set to specific times so that your grass gets water when you decide.

Remember not to overwater your lawn. You need a balance of water and sunlight. Too much saturation can kill healthy grass and stall your progress.


Lawn Care Basics

It doesn’t take tons of money to get healthy grass. You don’t need to spend hours on weekends manicuring your yard. With a few lawn care basics, you can have an immaculate surrounding.

The main ingredient in maintaining a healthy lawn is consistency. With a bit of work and a little patience, you will have a beautiful lush lawn to show off to the neighbors! Follow our site for more guides on outdoor living and home improvement.


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