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5 Living Room Tips That Promote Good Vibes

Last updated on August 17th, 2022

While we have all had a lot of time to pursue some soul searching during the pandemic, being locked up indoors for almost a year has taught us a lot about housekeeping. Just when you think you’re a grown adult and have a wonderful home with all that is necessary, you realize the importance of reducing clutter, especially when you’re at home 24/7.

We’ve noticed that more and more people have come to the realization of minimalism and how having more open spaces in their homes can substantially make living indoors more appealing. By discarding all the things that don’t really contribute to your home’s space, you can get the energy flowing again. But where are you? Here are our top five tips to have an abundance of good vibes!


5 Living Room Tips That Promote Good Vibes

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Remove Dust Collecting Items

Ditch the clutter and collections of things you don’t need. A home where energy flows without any stagnation has one feature in common with minimalism- quality, not quantity. If you’re looking to furnish your house with minimalist designs, Chattanooga Furniture Store has a great collection with amazing deals.

Get Rid of Endless or Depressing Photo Frames

Some of us love to have a huge number of pictures and paintings decorating our walls. However, it is time to be more selective of what you install. A centerpiece of a flowing waterfall will bring in the necessary flow you’re craving if working from home has become full of stagnation and procrastination. Read about color therapy to add paintings that would help you with what you need the most. For instance, adding the color green helps in aiding healing, while the colors yellow, orange, and red promote happiness, ambition, and passion.


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Say No to Wall Caricatures and Fur Carpets

It may be a stereotypical installment for many homes, but animal cruelty does not really spell good karma or high vibes. Instead of having a wall mount of an animal, try adding a few indoor plants for good Feng Shui. Bonsai trees, jade plants, and others are known to bring in luck and good fortune.


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Sunlight and Ventilation are Important

Living in a home with poor sunlight and ventilation is a sure-shot route to depression. This is backed by research since sunlight and fresh air are the prerequisites of an uplifted mood. Make sure to open the windows to get some early morning light in and make sure that the air flows through your home without any blocks. If your home overlooks the city, the rule still applies, but you could also get in additional lighting to keep the house bright!


5 Living Room Tips That Promote Good Vibes(Image credit: Matthew Williams/Studio DB)


Add Windchimes

Windchimes look pretty and come in all shapes and sizes. However, they are believed to dispel negativity and bring in good vibes. Add one to your balcony, porch, or window depending on the size of your home. You can also look up which material to use as per your preference.


Wrapping Up:

Since your home is an extension of your energy, make sure that you keep it clean and tidy up every single day. You will feel the difference in your mood and productively instantly!


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