5 Major Signs You Are in Need of an AC Repair

Are you worried your AC needs repair but you’re not sure if it’s dire?

Sometimes an air conditioner seems to struggle one minute but it’s fine the next. With so many people in the world needing a functioning AC, it’s important to know when it’s necessary to call for AC repair.

To help you, we’ve collected all the worst signs that indicate when you need air conditioning maintenance and repair.


1. Leaking Fluid

Leaks are never a good sign, and even more so for an air conditioner. This shows that there’s something broken or cracked inside the machine. Whether it’s leaking condensed water or condenser fluid, it’s always a cause for concern.

Not only do these fluids cause more damage to the system, but they’re also a risk for dangerous mold growth.

When your machine starts leaking fluids, you’ll need an AC repair service to get it back in working order. To get a good AC repairing service in Minneapolis, you can go here.

2. Unexpected Noises

Air conditioners are not quiet machines but they’re also not meant to make sudden and loud noises. If you notice any unexpected banging or scraping noises, turn off the machine.

Something’s come loose inside the machine and is moving throughout the entire system. If you keep running your AC with this happening, it’ll tear up the inner mechanisms until it’s beyond repair. It’s important for you to schedule an ac repair Las Vegas service as soon as you notice this to prevent further damage and costs.

3. Minimal Airflow

Poor airflow is often a sign that your filter needs changing. This is an easy fix that makes a big difference in the performance of your AC system.

If you’ve changed the air filter and the air still doesn’t come out full blast, this means there’s a more intricate problem happening inside. An AC repair company has the right tools to find the cause and get your machine working again in no time at all.

4. Warm Air

Does your air conditioner blow out hot air instead of cold air?

This is a sign that the HVAC cooling systems are either broken, blocked, or empty of the necessary chemicals. It’s possible to investigate the system yourself, but a professional’s hand is best. They’ll know how to find the problem and fix it without ever risking extra damage.

5. Terrible Odors

A stinky air conditioner is an unpleasant problem. Sometimes it’s as simple as a filter going bad. A quick replacement or cleaning should rid you of the smell.

Other times, a bad odor is a sign that there’s mold growing inside the system or that there’s an electrical problem. It’s best to leave the AC unit off until you have time to call for repairs. You don’t want the electrical problem to get worse or for the mold to spread!

Quick AC Repair Prevents Further Damage

The most important thing to remember is that calling for AC repair stops the damage from getting worse. It’s easy to put off calling the repair guy when you’ve got a hundred other things to worry about.

The problem is that, when these problems linger, they get worse. They’ll cost you far more in repairs in the future if you don’t call right away. Save yourself a headache and get that AC fixed!

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