5 Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing Your Crawl Space

Damage in the crawl space of your home is more than just annoying. This can eventually create so much mold that major repairs are necessary. At the extreme end, the structure becomes weak and the home should take care of a general contractor. That is the time when you need to repair your crawl space. But sometimes we make some mistakes when repairing the crawl space. So, here let’s know about 5 mistakes you should avoid while repairing your crawl space.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing Your Crawl Space:

When you feel that there is something that must be wrong in your home structure that is because of damp crawl space. Problems in your home’s crawl space can damage your house’s environment and also can attract pests and rats. So, it is important to repair your crawl space.

But, while repairing your crawl space many people make some mistakes that can harm your house even more. So, here see these common 5 mistakes to avoid when crawl space repair. Read here to know more about various crawl space repair as well.

Using Spray Foam For The Crawl Space:

While repairing your crawl space most of us use spray foam insulation but this is one of the worst decisions we have probably made. Spray foam insulation costs less and makes it easy to clean crawl space. But when you use spray foam while repairing your crawl space it causes moisture to lock and gives a wonderful situation for mildew wood rot and mold to occur.

Spray foam keeps your crawl space damp that gives the perfect environment to cause damage. So, it is not advisable to use spray foam for crawl space. Spray foam traps moisture and the water will end up rotting the wood and mold growth.

Adding Additional Vents:

Another mistake you should avoid is adding additional vents in the crawl space. People install additional vents to keep moisture out, but during humidity, it allures humid air to harm more. It traps moisture and the idea to maintain a dry crawl space never happens.

Additional vents also allow the entering of more pests into the crawl space. So, avoid this mistake while repairing your crawl space to get a clean and dry place. Always cover the vents well, it will retain more moisture as well as pests.

DCS crawl space cleaning service is one of the most efficient crawl space cleaning services that clean your house’s crawl space very well with professionals. Their special cleaning techniques make them unique from other cleaners. They work perfectly to make your crawl space clean and dry and also make it healthy and mold-free.

Vapor Barriers To Floor Joists:

Another mistake is to install vapor barriers on the floor’s joists. This will tend to help to keep moisture to the wood joists that eventually lead to wood rot. This barrier is more like a sponge and absorbs moisture that will cause mildew and mold. Not only that it will also attract pests and rats.

Wrong Installation Of Drainage Systems:

Drainage is the most important thing when you are fixing your crawl space. The wrong Drainage system can damage your house completely. Drainage issues are common, that’s why you need to take extra care of them. If your drainage is not good the water will stand and it could be dangerous for your house’s health.

Standing water will lead to pests, molds, and mildews and also cause long-lasting damage to your house. A good drainage system is a much-needed and efficient thing for your crawl space. If you feel your crawl space is facing drainage issues, repair your crawl space along with drainage systems.

Fiberglass Insulation:

Another most problematic mistake to avoid when repairing your crawl space is to install fiberglass. Insulation of fiberglass is mended to absorb moisture and water. Groundwater and rainwater present in the crawlspace are absorbed by fiberglass insulation.

But in reality, absorbing more water will make your insulation heavy and soon it will start to damage and can fall apart from places. The floor joints can be damaged by this. Fiberglass insulation also attracts rats and pests and tends to grow molds and mildews.

Bottom Lines:

There are many mistakes that people make when repairing your crawl space, but the above-mentioned mistakes are the most common and most important mistakes that you should avoid when repairing your crawl space. To keep the structure of your house cleans your crawl space-efficient.

Repairing your crawl space not only keeps the structure of your house healthy but also helps to keep the environment of your house healthy and will keep your house mold, mildew, and pests free.


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