5 Modern House Siding Ideas We Can’t Help But Love

Did you know you could create a dramatic look for your home by updating your siding? House siding today is bold, textured, and unique to draw the eye and create focal points on your exterior.

Take inspiration from our five favorite modern house siding ideas to ramp up your curb appeal.


1. Contrasting Colors

When looking for inspiration on house siding color ideas, recent trends favor bold contrasts. Boldly contrasted siding creates a modern and luxurious look that will give your home a facelift.

To achieve this look, many homeowners choose light siding with dark trim or vice versa. Black or charcoal gray paired with white has been one of the most popular color palettes over the years. If you don’t want the look to be as dramatic, dark tones mixed with lighter modern wood siding are another great way to achieve contrast with your siding.


design ideas for house siding dark grey modern house siding ideas


2. Bringing the Inside Out

A new trend this year is extending your exterior house siding ideas indoors. In modern homes, many are choosing to use the same cladding inside the home to match the exterior.

Matching cladding is often placed in the home’s entryway but can be carried on throughout. This creates a modern and minimalist look in your home.

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3. Unique Widths and Orientation

The standard horizontal and narrow siding is becoming a thing of the past as homeowners look to achieve more contemporary looks in their homes. A simple way to modernize your exterior with different house siding ideas is to change the width or orientation.

Placing the siding vertically instead of horizontally draws the eye and creates a unique look. Wider profiles are another trend gaining traction to give your home a sleek look while enhancing curb appeal.


Exterior Cladding Design Ideas 2 modern house siding ideas


4. Mismatched Textures

Siding trends today are all about visual interest. To create that interest, home builders are opting to use two types of siding on home exteriors.

Using different siding draws the eye to certain areas of the home by combining materials and textures. Stone, wood, cement, and brick are all excellent materials to mix and match textures for your home’s siding. With a variety of materials to use, the options for customizing your home are endless.


knjn modern house siding ideas


5. Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is growing in popularity for siding, because of its ability to resemble other materials like stone or stucco. Aside from texture, you can paint this material in a variety of colors, making it a versatile option.

Because of its versatility and texture, fiber cement is an option that works well with other popular trends, such as mismatched textures and contrasting colors. If you’re interested in this material for your siding, look for siding installation companies that specialize in using it.


house siding design ideas metal cladding modern house siding ideas


Transform Your Home With Modern House Siding Ideas

Modern house siding ideas can help transform your home and maximize curb appeal. With a variety of options, you will create a unique look for your home while keeping up with today’s trends.

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