5 Modern Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Did you know that the average cost to remodel a bedroom is $7,880? If you are ready for a master bedroom makeover and are overwhelmed by all of your choices, you are in the right place. We have put together this guide with the top modern master bedroom makeover ideas you can use for your own remodel.

Keep reading to learn our top ideas for a master bedroom makeover.


1. Add Mirrors

If you want to make your master bedroom look bigger than it is, you can achieve this by reflecting light. You can opt to use a mirror as a headboard or you can lean a tall mirror against one of your walls. You can also choose a free standing mirror to reflect more light into your room.

2. Seating Area

Whether you have a large bedroom or a small studio apartment adding a seating area will make your master bedroom look cozier. You can position a pair of comfortable armchairs or a loveseat at the foot of the bed with a small table. The seating area can be used for chatting, relaxing, or reading.


5 Modern Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas You'll Want to Steal


3. Two-Tone Wall

This simple paint can really make a dramatic change in your room. Choose a color for your main wall and then buy a can in a light shade and a can in a darker shade of the same color. Put a strip of painter’s tape either across the middle of the wall (horizontally) or the lower quarter of the wall.

Paint the bottom half with the darker shade and the top part of the wall with a lighter color.

4. Gallery Wall

If you are ready to print out some pictures that you have stored on your phone then this is the perfect excuse to do so. Pick up black frames in different sizes and use them to display your favorite photos and mementos. Pick a wall to put all of the frames to make it feel like you are walking into an art gallery.

You can even choose to do this on the wall behind your bed to create a statement wall.


5 Modern Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas You'll Want to Steal


5. Rolling Cart

If you want a unique nightstand then a bar cart is a great option. You can put a basket on the bottom shelf to put whatever you need nearby and even some extra linen. You can put some books and glasses along with a carafe on the middle shelf and add a lamp and alarm clock on the top shelf.

You can even paint the bar cart a fun modern color such as black, gray, or gold.

Ready for Your Master Bedroom Makeover?

We hope that now that you have our top ideas for a master bedroom makeover, you can pick and choose your favorite.

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