5 Most Famous Omega Watches of All Time

Omega is one of the iconic watch brands in the world that contributed to history. For example, talking about the first landing on the moon, it became famous as the first person who got there wore this exquisite timepiece. What about becoming the official watch of the Olympics through the years? Indeed, Omega won’t become one if it doesn’t possess an extraordinary watch’s features. Not to mention the ever-popular James Bond, which highlighted one of Omega’s models and earned a great response from Omega fans. Today, we will talk about the most popular models that made the history of Omega fruitful through the years. But, of course, their distinctive features too, that made all of them a great buy. So keep reading to learn more about these five incredible Omega watches of all time.


Watches of All Time


1.  Speedmaster Professional

One of the most popular watches that Omega boasts of is the Speedmaster Professional. While the brand’s signature Speedmaster “Moonwatch” acquired its name during the historic moment when astronaut Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969. It also boasts legibility, precision, and durability. From then on, NASA wore the same timepiece for their piloted missions.

Since its creation, the Omega model has quickly diversified into various versions. However, it wasn’t until recent years that the company presented a Speedmaster model with a moon phase feature. Furthermore, the models have essential elements such as the pulsometer scale that tracks the heartbeats per minute of the wearer. In addition to this timing bezel are options like tachymeter, telemeter, and decimal. All of which adds precision to this historical model.

  • Caliber 3861
  • Manual winding
  • Hesalite glass and sapphire crystal 
  • 50-hour power reserve
  • Size is 42mm 
  • Step dial (new movement frequency)

2.  Marine

With its introduction in 1932, this is the first Omega watch that was expressly built and qualified for diving. The rectangular structure represents the Swiss watchmakers’ passion for invention at the time – a sophisticated case architecture that allowed the watch to be underwater when diving or swimming. In addition, the high-quality timepiece contains a watertight crown situated at 12 o’clock, surrounded by a small flip lock to ensure the watch face in the case is fixed correctly. 

It helps to make the seal more watertight because when the watch submerges, the pressure inside the case will remain constant while the pressure outside the watch increases, emphasizing the seal. Throughout numerous diving tests, the watch demonstrated a notable performance of succeeding in all of the trials and marking a significant advancement in watchmaking technology.

  • Patented seal with a cork
  • Adjustable clasp with extension to fit the diver’s wrist
  • Waterproof to 135mm depth

3. Constellation Grand Luxe

A high-end model in the series, the Grand Luxe versions are named after their price. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Biel watch factory, the brand introduced the Constellation in 1948. Following its well-documented rise in the 1950s, the Constellation became the flagship watch of the Omega watch company, thanks to its exquisite precision and in-house movements. For the many vintage Omega watch enthusiasts, the Constellation is a highly desired timepiece. 

The distinctive brick-like band of the Constellation Grand Luxe later became a reference point for the bracelet designs that the company used on the De Ville Co-Axial versions. The Constellation line was reissued in the 1970s, with new claws pressed on the sapphire crystal to create the well-known Constellation “Manhattan.” In contrast to the previous constellation models, the new models have a completely distinct style, making them even more desirable and uncommon.

  • Size is 35mm
  • Caliber 501/505
  • Water-resistant to 30m
  • Automatic movement

4. Seamaster Professional 300m

This Seamaster Professional 300M was named after the British Secret Service agent James Bond and referred to as the “James Bond watch.” Omega’s watch, which first appeared in the 1993 James Bond film Goldeneye, skyrocketed the brand’s horological career and made the brand famous with younger customers.

It has a screw-down crown, a blue wave-patterned dial, and a blue bezel. Due to its helium-release valve at 10 o’clock, it has a distinctive Omega design and will likely remain an Omega classic in the future. In addition to this, you can find this item in many sizes and various types and complications.

  • Lightweight Grade 2 titanium
  • Caliber 8800
  • Self-winding
  • 55-hour power reserve
  • Magnetic resistance to 15k gauss

5. Seamaster Ploprof

The Seamaster Plongeur Professional (Professional Diver) was created and put in 1971 solely for professional use.  Also known as “PloProf,” it proved that the rules of a traditional clock don’t apply to it. A substantial red button protected the bezel and served as a safety lock. Another unique feature of the crown system was the addition of a crown-locking nut. 

This watch is also certified to be waterproof to a depth of 600 meters. In 2009, Omega first unveiled the new water-resistant version of this iconic watch. It has an increased water resistance of 1,200 meters. The Ploprof’s movements, the in-house Caliber 8500, are the same as those found in the original edition, just in new packaging.

  • Shark proof bracelet
  • Safety clasp and links that can adjust to 18 positions (has 26mm extension)
  • Bidirectional diving bezel

Famous people who wore Omega wristwatches

    • Former President John F. Kennedy wore an Omega ultra-thin wristwatch on his inauguration.
    • Elvis Presley wore Constellation while he was in the army.
    • Prince William wore Seamaster Professional as he performed his duty as an Air Ambulance pilot.
  • Gianni Agnelli wore PloProf outside of his sleeves, and his Omega watch took four years of tests before it went public.

Final Thoughts

Omega has made watch enthusiasts ask for more with the existing features that they reveal through the years. Thus, it’s no longer a question why it has maintained its popularity for more than a century. Its great beginnings opened a lot of innovations to come up with excellent quality watches.

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