5 Most Overlooked Home Maintenance Projects

As a proud homeowner, home maintenance is essential to daily living. Without it, your house could become dilapidated and cost more in repairs.

Consulting with Attic Pros will ensure your attic is clean, pest-free, and mold-free. These are essential issues to consider when deciding to sell or prevent damage to your home.

Many homeowners often forget small tasks like cleaning their windows and organizing shelves. Although these tasks are overlooked, you will see a drastic change with similar minuscule chores.

Below are the five most overlooked home maintenance projects to keep your home in tip-top shape.


Attic and crawl space maintenance

Crawl spaces are an essential but sometimes neglected aspect of a home. The advantages of keeping your crawl space and attic clean and well-maintained outweigh what many people understand; they are critical to your family’s safety, comfort, and overall convenience!

A well-maintained crawl space will allow for proper air circulation, easy work access, protection from moisture, lower energy bills, and prevention of pest infestations.

5 Most Overlooked Home Maintenance Projects


Rodent and pest control

Various pests like rats, mosquitos, flies, and cockroaches can infest the human environment and contaminate surfaces and food. These pests can also transmit diseases like campylobacter, dengue virus, rat bite fever, Lyme disease, and West Nile virus.

Professional pest control companies are the best way to control and prevent pest infestations. As pests are fast to reproduce, this should become a regular part of your home maintenance plan.

Drain installation and maintenance

Experts recommend that you ensure your drains are serviced at least once every 12 to 22 months. As drainage systems collect and remove waste, this is one of the most important but forgotten home maintenance steps.

It is time to consult a specialist if you notice your drains are slow, smell terrible, clog frequently, or make gurgling sounds. We recommend using chemical drain cleaners sparingly to ensure a successful drain cleaning.

When used repeatedly, chemical drain cleaners are known to corrode pipes, leading to the pipes’ collapse (or leaking).


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Sump pump installation and maintenance

Sump pumps are typically installed in basements to pump water from your house into storm drains or another area. These specially designed pumps protect your property from flooding and water buildup.

Maintaining your home’s sump pump is as crucial as ensuring your car’s engine is cared for correctly. You will need to consider a replacement if you have noticed signs of aging, wear and tear, rust, odors, or noises.

Air Conditioning And Heating Maintenance

The filters, coils, and fins of an air conditioner require routine maintenance for the machine to perform successfully and efficiently over the years. If you neglect maintenance, it will result in a continuous reduction in the performance of your air conditioning while increasing energy consumption.

Your heating system is essential to your family’s comfort (especially in winter). If it is not maintained correctly, it becomes a safety concern for you and your family.

Even though some repairs are inevitable as a homeowner, staying on top of monthly tasks around the house can prevent significant damages and save you money in the long run.


5 Most Overlooked Home Maintenance Projects


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