5 Must-Have Furniture Items for 2022

Are you considering a home makeover soon?

Don’t get stuck in the past with boring and predictable style choices. Now is your opportunity to try something different. And modern interior design requires a little bit of daring and personality.

To help you get inspired, we’ve put together this list of five of the hottest furniture items to try in 2022. Which furniture trend will appeal to you? Take a look at our list before you make up your mind.


1. A Versatile Sofa Bed

Innovative sofa designs have transformed the comfort of the sofa bed. They are no longer the annoying necessity of a house needing some extra space. Instead, sofa beds are comfortable, luxurious, and exceptionally stylish.

Measure your living area before deciding whether to go for a two or three-seater. An oversized sofa will make your space appear smaller.

If you are lucky to have an extra-large living space, why not splurge on a super-sized corner sofa for the whole family? You can find more sofa beds here.


5 Must-Have Furniture Items for 2022


2. A Touch of Vintage

A little vintage piece will add a touch of glamour and class to any interior. It’s also a big trend, as customers look at ways to give their homes a unique finish, away from the standard showhome style.

Why not look for some second-hand rattan coffee tables or plant stands for a beautiful calm interior? Or, if you prefer a more decadent, darker interior, go for a gorgeous velvet armchair.

3. Curved Sofas

Curves are a big trend for modern furniture fashion right now. Think of curved coffee tables or a huge curved sofa, and you’ll get the idea. It embraces the futuristic sci-fi look that works well in more minimal interiors.

If you choose a curvaceous theme for a living space, think about other ways you can complement this style. Round mirrors or round light shades are two good examples. Even plants and flowers can help lift a curve-themed room.

5 Must-Have Furniture Items for 2022

4. Armchairs With a Splash of Color

Brown might be the top color for trendy furniture right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose a one-tone living space. This neutral color is the perfect blank canvas on which to add a bright splash of color.

Why not mix a brown sofa with a brightly colored armchair? You can choose a mix of colors by going for a geometric print (geometry is also a big trend right now). Or go bold with bright fuchsia or orange.

5. Sustainable Coffee Tables

Customers are now more mindful of their carbon footprint when purchasing new products. So there is a growing trend for recycled, upcycled, and sustainable coffee table furniture.

Sustainable material in furniture includes wood (sourced sustainably), bamboo, and cork.


5 Must-Have Furniture Items for 2022


Five Furniture Items to Inspire You

Are you the eco-warrior keen to mix the old with the new? Or are you a practical person seeking durable, multi-purpose furniture?

Whatever your preference, these five furniture items will help you start your home design. Why not browse through the latest articles in our interior section for more inspiration?

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