5 Next Steps to Take When You Have Storm Roof Damage

Did you know that the average cost to replace your roof is more than $8,000 in the United States?

Many weather conditions can damage your roof and if they aren’t addressed quickly, they can become worse.

If you went through a storm and have noticed some damage on your roof, there are some key steps to follow.

Keep reading to learn about the steps you need to take after you find storm roof damage on your home or business!


1. Take Safety Precautions

One of the first things to do after identifying storm roof damage is to take safety precautions.

You should never look for roof damage when the weather is poor. Rain, snow, and cold temperatures can risk your safety. Goggles, gloves, and durable clothing are recommended if you need to go on the roof.

Your safety should always come first, never try to climb the roof if you aren’t in a stable condition.

2. Look for Damage 

If you are looking out and discover that a tree fell on my roof, you won’t have to search hard.

Depending on the severity of the damage, you might have to look have are trying to find cracks over a few days. Do your best to find all of the damage so that you can get the proof to the insurance company and let the contractors get started.

3. Get Proof of Damage

After you have located all of the damaged areas, you will want to get proof of them.

The best way to do this is by writing down the damage and taking a picture, or more, of each problem. These pictures and information will be used for your insurance claim and can help you get more assistance. Don’t be surprised if someone from the insurance company wants to come and view the damage as well.

4. Find a Contractor 

If a storm damaged my roof, a contractor is the first resource to utilize.

Roofing contractors can make minor repairs to full roof installations. Finding roofers that you trust is important because the replacement can be expensive, even with the help of insurance money. Take time to compare the costs of each company and look at the reviews to determine if they will provide good service.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company 

Although your home insurance payments seem unnecessary most of the time, you will be thankful for it with roof damage.

Storm roof damages can be filed with an insurance company. They will send someone to your home to view the damage and determine how much money the insurance company will offer.


Do You Have Storm Roof Damage?

Sometimes the weather can bring severe conditions into town that cause storm roof damage.

High winds, tornados, and hurricanes are major contributors to this type of damage but it doesn’t take much. Whenever you are dealing with damaged materials, you should take safety precautions. Gloves, goggles, and support are recommended.

Looking for damage can take some time if you are dealing with small leaks but a contractor can help you make all necessary repairs.

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