5 Pantry Renovation Ideas for You to Consider

Zippia claims that the U.S. currently has 493,728 remodeling companies (2022). This is an increase of 3.8% every year from 2017 to 2022. We can assume from this info that remodeling and renovating are becoming more prevalent in the U.S.

However, one aspect of home improvement that people may overlook is pantry renovation. The idea is to make efficient use of the space you have to store food in a more organized and accessible way. You can also change the look of your pantry to improve the overall look and value of your home.

Here are 5 pantry renovation ideas to help you get inspired. Read on to see what you can do to improve your pantry’s storage capabilities and looks.


1. Use Slide-Out Baskets

Slide-out baskets are a great concept to have in your pantry if you like to rummage around and don’t keep things perfectly organized. All you have to do is pull them out and you’ll be able to see all your food items and other bits and pieces with a glance.

Also, slide baskets are an excellent option for anyone on a budget. You just need to build adequate shelving and then buy your baskets to slide in. Plus, there are so many basket styles to choose from these days that it should be easy to find some that suit your kitchen.


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2. Build a Dedicated Wine Station

If you’re a wine lover, right now you might just have an area in your kitchen or pantry where you keep different wines. Instead, why not build a dedicated wine station in your pantry?

It will feel great to pop into the pantry and have space to select a wine for the evening or a special event. Here’s a fun beginner’s guide to wine if you’re thinking about keeping some at home.

3. Get a Swinging Door

If you’re always busy cooking in the kitchen, it makes sense to think about getting a swinging door for your pantry. This way you’ll be able to pop in and out and be more efficient and less stressed in the kitchen.

Check out the swinging door linked here for some inspiration!

4. Use the Entire Wall for More Storage

If you have tall ceilings, you should think about adding shelving right to the top. This way you can store so many more things in your pantry.

You can then invest in a styling ladder to reach for high-up items. Just try to keep items that you don’t need so often high up to save you from using the ladder too often.


5 Pantry Renovation Ideas for You to Consider


5. Add Built-In Scooping Containers

If you want a classy and easy way of accessing things like rice, grains, and oatmeal, why not add in some built-in containers? You can then just have a scooper to take out your grains and not have to have ugly packaging lying around.

The idea is to have a plastic container inside. Then you might have a wooden holder outside to match your decor.


5 Pantry Renovation Ideas for You to Consider


Pantry Renovation Ideas to Consider

The pantry renovation ideas we have mentioned offer practical solutions but will also revitalize the look of your pantry. Slide-out baskets, a swinging door, and built-in containers for scooping into are some of our favorites.

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