5 Parts of Your Face That Can Be Greatly Enhanced by Botox

Aging happens to us all. But luckily there have been advances in medicine that can do a lot to slow down the visible signs of aging. Cosmetic surgery, fillers, and Botox are just several options at our disposal for making it look like the clock has stood still, or at least moving a lot slower.

When your brain signals nerves to contract and relax, Botox jumps between the nerve and the muscle to interrupt the message, allowing those muscles to relax. This interruption can come in handy if you’re trying to appear more youthful. With a more youthful appearance in mind, here are five parts of your face that Botox can enhance.


1. Nose

Those creases across the nose are called bunny lines. These are the result of routine facial scrunching. People with allergies or sinus problems who blow their nose often are also prone to developing bunny lines. Getting injections near the nose requires special skill, because it can affect your smile if it’s not done correctly.


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2. Eyes

The eyes are a very common trouble spot for many Botox patients. Most people refer to lines and wrinkles around the outer edge of the eyes as crow’s feet. As we age and have more sun exposure, crow’s feet become more pronounced.

These lines can be softened when the right amount of Botox is injected into just the right spot. Other issues that can be addressed with a botulinum toxin include bags under the eyes, hooded eyes, and a boy brow.


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3. Mouth

There are 16 muscles in the mouth that allow us to smile. As we age, sometimes our smile changes too. But not only does Botox help with frown lines that come from sun exposure and smoking, but it can also help to remedy a smile that exposes an abnormal amount of the gums. When injected in the upper lip, it can lower it to fix a gummy smile.




4. Brow

Forehead lines and glabellar lines can also be treated with an injectable. Glabellar lines are vertical lines between the eyebrows that look like the number 11. Corrugator muscles between the brows are used for making fearful facial expressions, while vestigial muscles are for scowling. Injectables give the vestigial muscles’ job to the corrugator muscles for a smoother-looking brow.

5. Chin

Even the chin can use a little help. Aging often causes the mentalis muscles in the chin to flex more than they used to, which causes denting and dimpling. Botox or a neck lift can help, as well as sculpting more flattering contours on the chin and utilizing Softwave. Softwave is a modern technology that can revitalize the skin by using innovative stimulation of the production of new collagen. Click here to learn about collagen for the skin.




Even if you aren’t showing any signs of aging currently, Botox can help to prevent some of the more common lines and wrinkles we experience as we grow older. The reason it works is that it keeps the muscles from making expressions that will reinforce lines and wrinkles. It’s a quick and mildly uncomfortable procedure that should only be done by a licensed and well-trained medical professional.

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