5 Perfect Hamptons Style Coffee Tables

Last updated on January 3rd, 2022

Hamptons coffee table is one of the important pieces of furniture that is underestimated most of the time. The Hamptons-style coffee table gives a perfect look to your space. You need to know some specific points before buying the Maison coffee table or Hamptons coffee table. It would help if you focused on style, material, and size.

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Some common Hamptons or French-style coffee tables: 

Here are some popular Hamptons or French-style coffee tables;

  • White Square Coffee Table
  • White Hamptons Coffee
  • Oak Square Coffee Table
  • Oak Hamptons Coffee Table
  • Natural Buttoned Linen Ottoman
  • Duck Egg Blue Buttoned Linen Ottoman
  • Navy Linen Ottoman
  • Natural Linen Ottoman
  • Duck Egg Blue Linen Ottoman
  • Navy Buttoned Linen Ottoman


Here are the 5 perfect Hamptons coffee tables



Iron and oak combinations Hamptons style coffee table is best to give a modern look to your space. This is best for modern house appeal with upholstered ottomans. These tables are available in different colors and sizes, from rectangular to square shapes.

Coffee tables are made up of metals like durable iron, steel, aluminum, etc. Iron and oak coffee tables are easy to clean and made of wood and glass.


Hamptons coffee tables have become the need of every house. The best place to put this white coffee table in front of the sofa. This table gives a decent look to your living room—the main purpose of this coffee table is to place remote, magazines, and other things. You can also put some decorative pieces.


Hamptons-style coffee tables are the best furniture item. The ottomans coffee table is perfect for those homes that have kids. It has rounded edges and upholstered tops. This style of table is best for children. This Hamptons coffee table can be folded and gives a casual look to your TV room.


Most of the Hamptons-style coffee tables are made up of wood, for example, oak. These tables are getting common very fast. These tables are available in different colors and are friendly to use. You can also get maple, cherry, and walnut coffee tables.


Here is another Hamptons coffee table. Bamlikeke tables are also known as the “King’s Stool. This table is very stylish and gives a fantastic look to your TV lounge. This style is the best choice to provide an exotic African touch to your space.


Final thought:

This article has discussed the different types of Hamptons style coffee tables. If you find this article informative and want to learn more more about furniture and how to decorate your home like a pro, explore the rest of our categories for more.

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