5 Perks of Sliding Patio Doors

A recent survey found that 82% of folks in the US planning to buy a home this 2021 want a patio. In fact, it’s the second-most wanted exterior feature of home shoppers.

So, if you have a patio yourself, lucky you, as it’s one of the qualities that make for prime real estate nowadays. For the same reason, now may be a good time to give it a makeover, starting with a new set of sliding patio doors.

Why exactly should you go for sliding doors and not hinged doors, though? What can they bring to the table that traditional swinging doors can’t?

This guide explores some of the top answers to those questions, so be sure to keep reading!


1. Excellent Space Savers

Many types of sliding doors consist of a two-panel design; one is a fixed panel, the other is movable. The operable panel’s top and bottom sections attach to rollers on a track, allowing it to glide. Sliding the movable panel to one side then creates the door’s opening.

So, with a sliding door, you don’t need to worry about a 90- or 180-degree clearance from either inside or outside. Instead, you only need a narrow strip of horizontal clearance so that the door can move sideward. It’s in this way that a sliding door benefits homeowners like you who may want to save precious space.

What’s more, some sliding doors, such as pocket doors, can slide back into a wall recess. These doors can save even more space since the entire movable panel hides inside the wall.

However, pocket doors often require installation while the wall is still under construction. So, that makes them more ideal for new construction homes or full renovations.


5 Perks of Sliding Patio Doors


2. Use Them as Picture Windows

Renewal by Andersen says that some glass doors provide maximum visibility. For example, contemporary glass doors use full glass without any glazing bars. This feature makes them similar to picture windows, except they’re movable.

For the same reason, a sliding glass patio door can give you uninhibited views of the outdoors. Even if you keep the door shut, its large glass panes will allow you to enjoy your prized lawn.

Such attractive views of nature, in turn, may help you destress and feel more relaxed. In fact, experts say that even just views of nature can bring physical and mental health benefits. Some researchers also suggest nature exposure may have life-lengthening effects.

So, why not make the most out of your outdoor space, even while you’re inside your home? Let a contemporary sliding glass patio door allow you to take in the majestic beauty of nature.

3. They Help Facilitate Ventilation

Granted, you can leave a hinged patio door open for fresh air and ventilation. However, you may not feel as free to do so because of the swing space it requires.

Moreover, outdoor wind may cause a hinged door to keep banging against a nearby object or wall. At the very least, this can result in the door making a racket as it bumps against another surface. Worse, the door can cause damage if a strong wind causes it to slam hard enough.

All those disadvantages can then detract you from wanting to leave a hinged patio door open.

By contrast, some high-quality sliding patio doors come with a position-locking system. This ensures the operable panel stays secure in place, whether in the open or closed position. So, you can slide it open all the way and not worry about banging noises.

What’s more, a French-style sliding glass patio door can give you an even larger opening. That’s because these doors come with two panels that slide to either the left or right. The bigger opening they create can then help ventilate your home better.

In addition, many sliding doors come with the option to add screened panels. These screens can help keep bugs out of your home while still letting in enough fresh air.


5 Perks of Sliding Patio Doors


4. They Allow More Natural Light In

Another of the top sliding glass door benefits you can expect is more sunshine inside your home. This is especially true for contemporary sliding doors, with their picture-window-like design. Even if you keep them closed, their glass panes will still allow natural light to stream into your home.

Natural light, in turn, also brings a host of health benefits, such as better moods and sleep. Sunlight exposure may also help you avoid or reduce the risks of seasonal depression.

Now, you may be thinking that having more sun entering your home through glass door panes can make it warmer. That’s understandable but worry not, as high-quality glass sliding doors have insulated glass. The insulating material helps keep solar heat outside and conditioned air inside.

You can also choose to install solar films on the sliding door’s glass panes. These protective films help reduce the amount of solar heat that enters the panes. What’s more, they block a significant amount of ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun.

To top it off, solar films are transparent, which means they won’t affect your views.

5. Energy Savings from Reduced Reliance on Artificial Light

In 2020, US households used 62 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity for lighting alone. This accounted for 4% of the total residential electricity consumption in the US.

Now, 4% may not seem a lot, but it is if you look at it in the long term, such as within a year. For example, if your yearly bill averages $1,500, that means $72 goes toward just lighting up your home!

Besides, artificial lighting contributes to carbon dioxide emissions, which make the planet warmer. On a global scale, lighting accounts for almost 5% of CO2 emissions.

Since sliding glass doors let more sunlight into your home, they can help you rely less on your light bulbs. In this way, they may help you save on energy bills and also lower your carbon footprint.


Start Relaxing and Saving with High-Quality Sliding Patio Doors

As long as you invest in sturdy, quality sliding patio doors, you can expect them to last for at least 20 years. This means you can enjoy their many perks, from majestic views to free light to better airflow, for years to come.

So, consider upgrading your patio by getting a new set of sliding glass doors today.

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