5 Proven Tips to Help You Sleep Better at Night Naturally

Research shows that poor, or lack of sleep, has immediate adverse effects on your hormones, brain function, and exercise performance. More than that, lack of sleep can induce heart diseases and cause weight gain in both adults and children. So how do you ensure you sleep better at night?

Well, first things first. A good sleep during the night is just as vital as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Good sleep can, however, help you exercise better and become healthier. Is it about sleep quantity or sleep quality? Let’s find out!


Sleep Better at Night Naturally


1. Minimize your interaction with light

Most people don’t actually know that light affects the quality and quantity of sleep they get. However, the opposite is true for nighttime. The body has what we call the circadian rhythm. It can tell the body what time it’s and what to do.

Too much light during the night, therefore, tricks the body that it’s still daytime. The resultant effect is that hormones responsible for inducing sleep reduce in your body. Melatonin is responsible for relaxing the body and inducing deep sleep.

2. Avoid caffeine late in the day

There is nothing as stimulating and relaxing as steaming caffeine on a cold evening. I mean, I would trade anything for a cup of enticing coffee.

While caffeine’s positive effects override its negatives, it’s not advisable to consume it during the day. Caffeine can alter the normal operations of the body and deny you the required amount and quality of sleep.


Sleep Better at Night Naturally


3.  Engage in more physical exercises before dusk

Exercises are meant to free up your muscles and make you more athletic. If you do exercise regularly, you will most likely do away with the nagging symptoms of insomnia. You will, therefore, spend more time sleeping. However, there are a few things to pick up:

A more vigorous and intense exercise will guarantee you better sleep. Nonetheless, even light exercises improve the quality of your sleep. So, a ten-minute walk isn’t wasted after all. A bike ride is also a good exercise for your body.

It will take time to build an exercise habit that may improve your sleep quality. It doesn’t come instantly. So, be patient and do regular exercises.


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4.  You should have a definite sleep schedule

An adult should sleep for a minimum amount of seven hours. That is the recommended time within which any adult should operate.

The more you can stick to a schedule, the more you get used to it. It thus reinforces your body’s sleep schedule. Being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Sometimes you may get to bed and fail to catch sleep immediately. In such a case, leave your bedroom and find something exciting to do.


Sleep Better at Night Naturally


5. Create a relaxing environment

Your sleeping room determines, to a more significant extent, the quality of sleep you may get. Ensure you got a room that is serene and calm, quality bedding, and a clean environment. Moreover, too much light might hinder you from getting the necessary quality and quality sleep. You might also consider doing calming activities like having a cold shower.


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